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Test of Chains

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  Test of  
  • Level 8
  • Unknown
  • Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.

In the Test of Chains you will try to predict which Marriages will endure and progress. For a marriage to progress in a given week, both parties must remain in Egypt, and each must either gain a level or pass a Test.

If some marriage in your chain fails to make progress for 3 Chains advances, then your chain breaks. You may rebuild your chain, but may not reuse a person that you previously used.

Each week you may add up to 3 marriages to your chain.

You accumulate points each week equal to the number of active marriages on your chain that have made progress since you added them.

Predictions are made at an Essence of Harmony, and you can also review your current score there.

Warning: It looks like this test is currently bugged. I have on three occasions now lost a new set of links with no other existing links after only one week. According to the wording above a link should last for at least 3 Chains advances but it only lasts for 1. I have posted a DEV call on this problem 3 times now, awaiting a reply on the third time -Andyfret 31 January 2011


As many as 7 players with the highest score can pass per week. If there is greater than a 7-way tie, than no passes occur for the week.


See Test Pass History.

Just a note, from observation of recent events, chain points update after the weekly passes are run. But this may vary... -Setheri

How does this work? You might very well ask...

There is really nothing skillful about this test. It's primarily a SWAG prediction about which 2 people in Egypt will get a level-up or test pass each week.

  • Each week you can pick upto 3 couples. You do not have to pick more than one.
  • You can pick yourself or your game spouse.
  • Each week you can see if any of the couples you picked "made it".
  • If they did - you get a point and the "chain" continues.
  • If they didn't you do not get a point. If they didn't get any points after 3 weeks then the "chain breaks".

ex: Week 1 you pick 3 couples A B C. These are now chained. If any of them fail to get a level or test pass in 3 weeks that chain breaks. You keep whatever points you earned up to the point of chain failure.

If the chain breaks you cannot use any of the couples (A B C) in another chain/selection. They are dead as far as your test is concerned.

ex: Week 1 you pick A B C / Week 2 D E F / Week 3 G H I If in Week 4 any of your week 1 selections (A B C) fail to gain a level up or test pass, then (A B C) become dead to you and you cannot select them in subsequent weeks. So, if couple B are the dead weights then A and C get sunk with them.

Once the chain breaks you can start a new chain with all new names. You cannot reuse any previous names.


  1. Don't pick high level players - they've already done it all
  2. Don't pick really lowbees that might not stay subbed. They have to be paid up to be eligible
  3. Don't pick ones who get divorced or who are married to someone that might drop out of the game.
  4. If you have been in previous Tellings and know the names of good players that last thru the End of Tale and who do a lot of leveling/tests then you have an edge. If you don't well you have to SWAG it.
  5. A long term sub and an alt/mule can be good selections. Especially since you only have to worry about the one person dropping the game, not two and if they are big achievers then that's an extra bonus.
  6. Pick only one "good" player per week and go for the long run. If that player doesn't quit and gets a lot of levels the chain will not break and you just rack up the points. If you waste it by pairing that "good" player with others that will cause the chain to break in a few weeks, you lose all future points from the good player. This is a "long haul" strategy.
  7. Are there ways to "get a fix in"?... yeah, but I'm sure you can figure out a few on your own.
:simple wild a** guess