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Test of the Banquet

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  Test of the  
  • Level 16
  • Unknown
  • Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.


You cannot currently do the principle until you have a permanent perception of 7, so this is not a good principle to pursue just for a level.

  • Enjoy a meal in a kitchen
  • Enjoy a masterpiece in a kitchen
  • Smoke a simple bowl of 1 herb
  • Smoke a complex bowl of 2 herbs
  • Enjoy a glass of wine
  • Enjoy a mug of beer

Passing the test

To actually pass this test, you must serve a banquet on a Banquet Table which meets the requirements of a menu that you can pick up from U Body. (See below for more info on menus and using the table.) You must load all the beers and wines, cook the food, list 21 or more guests to attend, and open the banquet.

Once you open the banquet, you will have 2 Teppy hours. In that time, 21 of your guests must eat your banquet (you can be one of them). Once the 21st person eats, you get zapped! :)

Banquet Table

Cost • A Banquet Table is built within a compound ( Click on the cp> projects> the human body> banquet table to build one) They cost:

  • 30 Glossy black boards
  • 30 Glossy blond boards
  • 30 Glossy white boards
  • 20 Linen
  • 6 White Travertine
  • 50 Nails
  • 30 Paint: Cadet blue
  • 30 Paint: Dark Red
  • 30 Paint: Forest Green
  • 8 cookpots [iron]

example: 2e1gec2.png


You can obtain a menu from each UBody once a week (13 menus per week). The week resets when passes are run. Either pick a day and visit all 7 or on say Monday do Sinai, Tuesday River Plains, etc. NOT ALL MENUS CAN BE DONE so keep picking up new menus until you find one that is workable to you.


Wines have two required attributes, from

  • Tannin (3-9)
  • Alcohol (6-12)
  • Residual Sugar (1-21)
  • Vintages old (1-3)

The attribute for the wine must have at least the indicated value. Each wine bottle serves 7 people, so you will need 3 identical wine bottles per course.

Note: loading wine into the banquet table consumes the bottles as well


Foods have a duration requirement and a base requirement; also, to be a suitable dish, you recipe must have a positive effect. The base is a certain food that must make up at least 1/7th of the recipe. The duration is relatively low, typically maxing out at about 30 minutes. As such, it should not be difficult to make a suitable recipe. Recipes need to have 21 servings in order to feed everyone at the table. 21 servings = 147 debens of ingredients; 1/7 of that is 21 debens.

This Tale the Base requirement can be tricky, some of the Fish listed are very rare, seasonal or may never have been caught in game yet. Also rare mushrooms (dung rot) and such thing as Queen Ants or Dead Ants have been found on menus.

I recommend the following technique: pick 5 cheap ingredients plus your requirement (for a total 6 bases including your requirement), and use 24 debens of each. Then look up a suitable additive for each base and use 1 deben of that. (Make sure no additive is used as additive OR base by any other pair.) You may even be able to use the same recipe for more than one course! This does require Cooking 6; Lower cooking levels you can get away with and still have long enough durations, but if you just use a ratio of 6 to 1 debens and add enough to make 21 servings. Example cooking 4 you require ratio 36:6 and this will make 24 servings, but you need to test duration so make a 4 serving meal in your kitchen 6:1 ratio to check stats and duration. The actual ratio is the same just the amount of serving are different so stats will be the same.

List of fish that have been caught so far this Tale: if you have caught any fish not already listed, please add to the list :)



Beers have a required flavour and two other required attributes from among all the other possible attributes from beers. Any beer will work for this as long as it fulfils the required attributes. Note that if potency is stated, the exact potency is required (which means a very potent beer will not work for a potent requirement, but if requirement is say Fruity Brown Banana for example then a Potent or Very Potent Beer can be used). A single cask of beer will serve for a course. A "hint of" a flavour is fine

Wheat Flavours are not on Menus

Note: loading the beer into a banquet table consumes the barrel as well

Listed Below are types of Beers that can not yet be made to my knowledge

  • All Date Beers !!
  • VP Dry Banana
  • Spicy Banana
  • Spicy Cherry

Specifics on setting table/dishes when you have all your dishes, beers, wines

Taken from t3 wiki

Fun Fact

The copies of the menu that you get and hand out when your banquet is opened and served are actually readable! (Be sure to name your dishes and beers / wines fun things to give your guests an extra special souvenir).