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Test of the Constellation

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  Test of the  
  • Make a Clay Lamp
  • Gather Papyrus
  • Dry Papyrus on a Drying Rack
  • Whittle a Sharp Stick
  • Gather Clay
  • Gather Limestone
  • Spin Twine into Rope
  • Build a Night Sky Table
  • Open the Table for Judging
  • Tear down your Constellation Table, OR do the following:
    • Have Seven Judges solve and rate your puzzle
    • Design rated Good by most Judges
  • All of the above, OR solve three recent winning Constellations
  • Demonstrated by Saledo in 7L on ??.

Night Sky Table construction:

Constellation 1.png
Size N/A
Where outside

Design Interface

To add a Star (pinhole), click on a black space on the table. To remove one, right click on it. You are allowed a maximum of 21 Stars per table.

To add a cloud (piece), click on the edge of the table and select "Add a Piece...". Click and drag to move the cloud, or hold right click to rotate it. To delete a cloud, drag it to the edge of the table. Clouds can be rotated by "right click, hold, and drag".

Once all the stars are covered by clouds, you can open the piece for judging.

    • When deleting a piece do not drag the piece beyond the edge of the table before releasing mouse button or it won't delete.


  • All stars must be obscured by clouds.
  • Clouds can be rotated by "right click, hold, and drag".
  • You can left-click and drag clouds to actually move them.
  • There doesn't seem to be any requirement to get the clouds in any configuration - the only goal is to hide all of the stars. As far as I can tell, this means that there can be multiple solutions for each puzzle.
  • I start by dragging all of the clouds so that none are on top of any other and I can see the shapes I'm working with.

Constellation Table Locations

Region Coordinates Designer Passed Remarks RL Date opened
Hinterlands -2610,-6292 Rana No Pharaoh's Garden 1/31/2013
Hinterlands -2610,-6295 Zhukuram No Pharaoh's Garden 1/31/2013
Seven Lakes 1398, -1124 Saledo Yes North of chariot Dec 24, 2011
Seven Lakes 1398, -1116 oDiS Yes North of chariot Dec 29, 2011
Seven Lakes 1398, -1118 Xaxyx Yes North of chariot Dec 29, 2011
Seven Lakes 1410, -1048 Mebala Yes North of chariot March 11, 2012
River Plains 1568, 2844 Kaylani Yes Owned by Casino Now? Jan 9, 2012
Seven Lakes 1399 -1111 Anavlis Yes - Jan 9, 2012
Seven Lakes 1406 -1149 JaylenaeYbarre Yes 5 feb just behind the cs
Seven Lakes 1404 -1149 Thunderstorm Yes just behind the cs Feb 1, 2012
River Plains 1599 -2859 Moonboots Yes close to the cs, next to the sand/diamond mine Feb 13, 2012
River Plains 1595 -2872 Tsiutek Yes close to the cs, by Essence of Harmony Feb 13, 2012
River Plains 1554, 2859 Jazkar Yes West of cs Jan, 2012
Old Egypt 940, 6927 Peabody Yes Between CS and the Nile Jan 2012
River Plains 1356, 1796 Porthos Yes South River Plains July 14, 2012
River Plains 1485, 2813 Tedra Yes West of Cs, by Nile bridge Sept 4, 2012
River Plains 1489, 2813 Challen Yes West of Cs, by Nile bridge Aug 24, 2012
River Plains 1569, 3184 Aveege Yes North of Cs Aug 20, 2014
River Plains 1549, 2851 Jazzie No West of Cs Feb 08, 2015

Passes (including "recently passed" puzzles)

See Test Pass History.