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Path of the Pilgrim

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  Test of the  
Path of the Pilgrim
  • Level 6
  • Unknown
  • Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.

The Pilgrimage

To open the Path of the Pilgrim you require:

  • 7 Oyster Shell Marble (Missing)
  • 7 Yellow Alabaster (Missing)
  • 7 Mud Granite (Missing)
  • 7 White Travertine (Missing)
  • 7 Canary Granite (Missing)
  • 7 Night Granite (Missing)
  • 7 Grey Star Marble (Missing)

Forming a Group

A pilgrimage consists of exactly seven people. The leader should visit a University of Worship to form a group. The other six members must also visit a University to begin the test; once they have done so, they may select an option from the leader's menu to join the group.

Once formed, a pilgrimage may not change its membership. If any member dissolves the group (self->Tests menu), all points are lost and the members will need to start the test over from the beginning. Points are not lost if a member quits the game, but no more may be gained unless all seven members are available (quit players can pass this Test).


Once formed, the pilgrimage must tithe at shrines. The amount and type of the tithe is set by the builder of the shrine. In order to successfully tithe:

The shrine must be holy (see #Pilgrim Shrines, below). All seven members of the pilgrimage must tithe within two minutes of each other -- otherwise the points are not counted. Tithes can be made multiple times. Logging off one character and onto a spouse/other does not affect the tithing, as long as both tithe within the timer. The shrine must be at least 600 coordinates (measured, not region based) from any other shrine this group has tithed at. 600 coordinates takes 10 minutes to run, at 0 dex, offroad. Scoring The pilgrimage will receive 100 points for successfully tithing at a new shrine. It is possible to tithe multiple times consecutively at the same shrine, however the points received will halve with each successive tithe. The following chart shows how many points per tithe.

# Tithes Points Total
1 100 100
2 50 150
3 25 175
4 12 187
5 6 193
6 3 196
7 2 198
8 1 199
9 1 200
10 >0< 200

NOTE: The points for each shrine and the total number of points are all actually floats, which are rounded to ints for display. The number of points obtained for each tithe is exactly half of the preceding one. At one point our pilgrimage had 200 points for two different shrines but our total was 399.

Pilgrims may check their progress from their Tests menu, which will report the current total score of the pilgrimage, as well as what shrines have been tithed at and how many points were received from each.

Pilgrim Shrine Locations

This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages

Coordinates Region Tithe Notes
-326, 6729 Cat's Claw Ridge 1 Cuttable Lapis Next to Chariot
-926, 6826 Cat's Claw Ridge 40 Dried Papyrus West from CS on border to VoK
4307, -775 Cradle of the Sun 1 Acid Next to Chariot
1915, 6697 Desert of Nomads 1 Lime Next to Chariot
1752, 5900 Desert of Nomads 20 Cabbage Behind U of Body
-1047, 2120 Desert of Shades 1 Water in Jug Next to Chariot (public)
3810, -5640 Eastern Grounds 1 Salt Next to Chariot
60, 4372 Four Corners 1 Cuttable Citrine Next to Chariot - no longer exists
40, 4401 Four Corners 1 Cuttable Turquoise Next to Chariot
589, -91 Hinterlands 25 Coal North from UHarmony
4265, 7640 Lake of Reeds 1 Saltpeter Next to Chariot
918, 4870 Midland Valley 2 Acid Directly south across the road from MV CS next to Essence of Harmony.
903, 4869 Midland Valley 1 Gold Next to Chariot - no longer there
1541, 4791 Midland Valley 2 Lime East of Chariot - no longer there
1021, 6930 Old Egypt 2 Copper Straps Next to Chariot - no longer there
1057, 7651 Old Egypt 5 Ash Next to UHarmony
426, 7170 Old Egypt 50 Carrots Road from OE to CCR - no longer there
990, 6308 Old Egypt 25 Barley South of Southern SThought, SEE NOTE below!
1370, 2818 River Plains 20 Flax West of uThought
1345, 1625 River Plains 7 Brass North East of SThought
1569, 2875 River Plains 1 Oyster Shell Marble Next to Chariot
1570, 2248 River Plains 7 Ash South of Ulead
1295, 2352 River Plains 10 Rotten Flax West of SHarmony
1634, 3484 River Plains 2 Sheet Glass North of Chariot
1618, 4147 River Plains 7 Potash North of Chariot
962, 3114 River Plains 15 Charcoal North West of chariot
1393, -1111 Seven Lakes 10 Iron Next to Chariot
718, -1304 Seven Lakes 25 Dried Papyrus South from UBody
662, -693 Seven Lakes 25 Gravel Amigos
1298, -590 Seven Lakes 1 Male Sheep North from UWorship, Is too close to other shrines.
1303,-586 Seven Lakes 1 Female Sheep North of UWorship, Is too close to other shrines.
1262, -453 Seven Lakes 25 Cactus Sap North from UWorship
1006, -1978 Seven Lakes 1 Small Gear Near UArt
3290, 4755 Sinai 1 Soda Next to Chariot, Public Use
2412, 5656 Sinai 50 Gravel Public Use
2696, 5016 Sinai 5 Ash Next to UThought, Public Use
1052, -5593 South Egypt 5 Potash Next to Chariot
-2217, 7116 Valley of Kings 3 Small Gears Next to Chariot
413, 6305 Old Egypt 1 sheet glass Road from OE to CCR near large brown mountain on map. SEE NOTE below!
2236, 2485 Hinterlands 50 dung SE of RP chariot
1954, 6627 Desert of Nomads 7 Bottle Stoppers Just SE of cs (not closest)

Please NOTE: There are some shrines that are too close together to tithe at all: the shrine in OE at 990, 6308 (25 Barley) and the shrine in OE at 413, 6305 (1 sheet glass). The cement shrine near RP CS is too close to three shrines: OSM, Ash and Rotten Flax, and Ash and Rotten Flax are very close. The Male Sheep shrine in 7L is public with 8 male sheep already inside, and the Nails shrine in DoS is public (which means you can take the stuff while tithing to tithe up to nine times in a row).

The Test of the Pilgrimage

Every week, the pilgrimage with the largest number of points will pass the test. Pilgrimages that do not pass in a given week retain their points, and may either continue visiting new shrines to increase their score or wait and hope their existing total will be enough in an upcoming week.


See Test Pass History.