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Balance of Goods

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  Test of the  
Balance of Goods
  • Build an Offering Vault
  • Place an item in the Vault
  • Place a second item in the Vault
  • Check your Vault's contents
  • Score at least one point
  • Check Score Details
  • Demonstrated by zackron in Celaeno on 10/22/2010.

University Text:

  • You start the Balance of Goods. Build an Offering Vault and fill it with rare goods. The fewer other people use the same goods, the higher you score. Each week, 3 advance.


  • You may place up to 200 items in your Offering Vault each week.
  • You can only place 1 of each different item.
  • The maximum score you can receive for a single item is 250, which you get if you were the only person to put that item into a vault that week.
  • You may not take an item out of the Offering Vault once it has been placed inside.
  • Items placed in the Offering Vault are consumed each week when passes are run.
  • After passing the test your Offering Vault turns into an Honor Vault which can hold 120000 items. An Honor Vault can be guilded.

Demonstration Required

The Balance of Goods requires knowledge of Offering Vault Construction


See Test Pass History.