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Test of the Covered Cartouche

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  Test of the  
Covered Cartouche
  • Level 12
  • Unknown
  • Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.

Opening Message

The Test of the Covered Cartouche takes place at specific times, announced at Universities of Leadership.

You will be placed in a group with eleven others, and tasked with building a Ceremonial Voting Booth. From there, a series of rounds are played. The nature of each round depends on whether an odd or even number of participants remain in the group.

When the group has an even number of participants, an individual project is assigned. The player who builds the smallest is eliminated.

When the group has an odd number of participants, elimination is by voting.


Every so often, there will be a sign-up period of 24 hours at a specific University of Leadership (not just any will be in a specific region). At the end of the period, groups of twelve will be randomly formed out of everybody who has signed up. If there are any leftovers, they will not be placed in a group. In previous tales, the university reported how many people had signed up for the round, and an effort was made to make the total people signed up a multiple of twelve, including people who didn't care to advance so that others who wanted to would have a chance. This has been confirmed to be the case in Tale 6.

The groups then compete in a series of rounds alternating between building and voting, with each eliminating one person. As such, the test resembles reality television shows like Survivor, both in the rules and social aspects. Therefore, it is worth noting that this test IS competitive, and can cause a lot of arguments, even between friends. Numerous people have quit the game over this test in past tales. You have been warned.

Each round takes about 24 hours. You can see the minimum amount of time left in each round under self -> test.

Building Round

Every odd-numbered round is a building round. In these rounds, everybody is assigned a project to build. You can NOT decide which cartouche you want to build; you find out which one is assigned to your group in your group's chat (you can also find it under the build menu of the small construction site.)

The projects are relatively cheap to start with, and are then upgradeable in size. These are similar to obelisks in that costs for bigger sizes increase exponentially, but different from the obelisks in that you first build it, then upgrade it. The buildings start at size 1. You can only build one project per round, and once built, it cannot be disassembled until after the round is over.

The goal of the building round is to avoid building the smallest building, because at the end of the round, the person who built the smallest is eliminated. In the case of a tie, a person from the tie is randomly selected. If nobody builds, the entire group is eliminated and everyone loses. So if you want the elimination to go to a tiebreaker for whatever reason, always be sure to build size 1.

The name of the test comes from this round - a cartouche is a frame that encloses a name. During the building rounds, you are unable to see who built the given building of the round. Hence, a "covered cartouche." If a person built their building in or around their camp, it may still be easy to tell that they're the owner of the said building, of course. So if you want to keep your building size quiet, then it may not be a bad idea to build somewhere remote that doesn't give any clues as to who built it.

Potential buildings and costs are currently unknown, but the Tale 2/Tale 3 test page has all the building costs discovered then, and costs may be the same (or at least similar).

Note you can enhance the building to a greater size during the voting round that follows even if you have been eliminated.

All Tale 4 Confirmed Cartouche Buildings are listed here.

Cartouche Building Lists

Cartouche Building 2

Voting Round

After every building round comes a voting round. In this round, everybody still in the round gets to vote on a person to eliminate. The person who receives the most votes is eliminated. Again, in the case of a tie, a random person among the tie is selected to be eliminated. And like last round, if nobody votes, the entire group is eliminated. So in this round, if you want a tiebreaker elimination, have everybody vote for one other person, such that everybody has one vote.


The test is divided into 2 ranks.

Advancing in the 1st rank gives you the opportunity to compete in the 2nd rank

Advancing in the 2nd rank: if you are in the top 3 you pass the test.

The last remaining player in the round is awarded 4 certificates. The second to last is awarded 2, and the third to last gets 1. If awarded from a rank 1 group, these certificates allow a player to sign up for a rank 2 round.

A certificate is consumed to sign up for the round, but if you fail to get in a group because there isn't a multiple of 12 people signed up, the certificate will be refunded.

If the certificate is from a rank 2 group, READ the certificate to pass the test.


Please try to at least include group members, date, rank, and who ended in top 3 positions for posterity below

  • 16 Aug 2012 - Rank 1
    • Group 1 Tedra (3rd), natta, Challen, Augir, GHawkins, Kalmkitty, SinDrome, farmer, Neas, Porthos (1st), Tibere, Dalia (2nd))
    • Group 2 (Windriver, Pheros, Spark, Fuzz, Nissim (2nd or 3rd), Sabina, Jazkar, Gyges (2nd or 3rd), Arria, Jyin, Bryce, silver (1st))
    • Group 3 (Hounddog (2nd), Orchid, Astia, Bognor, kuupid (1st), Ulah, Elestrith, Crashley, Seiun, Wojcik, Nanras-Ka, Avanya (3rd))
  • 30 Aug 2012 - Rank 1
    • Group 1 Sabina, Dreasimy, Porthos, SinDrome, Avanya, Pheros (1st), Bessodia (2nd), farmer (3rd), Astia, Gyges, Renard (1st), Sun-Aj
    • Group 2 Jyin, Shemei, Dalia (2nd), Cate (3rd), Nitocris (1st), Nanras-Ka, Ranno, Bognor, Neas, Jaxum, Duncan, Crashley
    • Group 3 Hounddog (3rd), Windrider, Eclypse, Ikairi, Obol, Orchid (2nd), Feyth, Zotep, Kalmkitty (1st), Roweena, Ulah, Silver
  • 14 Sept 2012 - Rank 1
    • Group 1 Feyn, Dalia, nebet, Tammy (2nd), 2, Orchid, Tedra, Kalmkitty, Wojcik (3rd), Duncan (1st), Obol, Bognor
    • Group 2 natta (3rd) Ay (2nd), Tallow, Porthos, Avanya, Korrin, Ikairi, Spark, Kauket, StarGazeR (1st), Apep, Shemei
    • Group 3 Hounddog, Windrider 1st, Eclypse 3rd, Dreasimy 2nd, Eldrikt, Renard, Crashley, diania, Bessodia, Sun-Aj, Jyin, pira
  • 30 Sept 2012 - Rank 1
    • Group 1 Feyn, JosS (1st), Pheros (2nd), Sindrome, Hipta (3rd), Eclypse, ella, tripps, farmer, Daniels, Kauket, Jaylenaeybarre
    • Group 2 Hounddog, kuupid, Kalmkitty, natta, Tallow, Porthos, Bognor, Arahgon, Shiranai, Saicosis, GHawkins, Crashley (3rd)
  • 15 Oct 2012 - Rank 1
    • Group 1 Hounddog, Nitocris, troglin 1st, JosS, GHawkins (2nd), natta, Kauket, Arahgon, Ami-Rana, Crashley, SinDrome, ella (3rd)
    • Group 2 Jyin, pira, Spark, buttah, Orchid, diania, kuupid, Adonais, 2 , Pheros,Veri (3rd) ,Hipta ,.
    • Group 3 windrider, Eclypse(3rd), farmer, cate, Daniels, Porthos, Tamah, Esme, Shiranai (2nd), menmaatre (1st), windingo, Saicosis
  • 30 Oct 2012 - Rank 1
    • Group 1 Levi, buttah, nikara, Porthos, StarGazeR, kuupid, Bognor, natta, Anastasya, Sabelya, Gyges, pira
  • 14 Nov 2012 - Rank 2
    • Group 1 Levi, Arahgon, Larynth, Renard,Nitocris, Bessodia, Windrider, Hounddog, Avanya, Anastasya, Kalmkitty, farmer
    • Group 2 Crashley, kuupid, Spark, pira, GHawkins, Menmaatre, JosS, Shiranai, Gyges, Saicosis, ella, Porthos
  • 29 Nov 2012 -Rank 1
    • Group 1 Hipta, Feyth, Jaxum, Tammy, Farmer, Reese, Bognor, Porthos, SinDrome, Levi, Solaris, Arahgon
    • Group 2 Spark, Orchid, nikara, Crashley, Thunderstorm, Jaylenaeybarre, Kauket, pira, Sebilis, Saicosis, GHawkins, Dawner
  • 14 Dec 2012 - Rank 2
    • Group 1 cate, Windrider, Sabelya, Shiranai, Anastasya, Spark, GHawkins, Renard, Kalmkitty, Sebilis, Thunderstorm, Jaylenaeybarre
  • 28 Jan 2013 -- Rank 1
    • Group 1 GHawkins, Augir, Zhukuram, Rastia, arnika, Humbuk, fizzles, Avanya, styx, Hounddog, Honasha, Spark

Group 2 ella, asood, Orchid, Zildjan, Renard, cate, Porthos, Thunderstorm, Kalmkitty, Ami-Rana, Saicosis, Dawner

  • 14 march 2013 -- Rank 1
    • Group 1 Spark, Bramwell, Ankhotep, Aubery, ishipsut, toothless, Zhukuram, Honasha, Windwhispterer, Mehrane, Bamrak, GHawkins
  • 25 april 2013 - rank 2
    • Group: Thunderstorm, Jaylenaeybarre 1st, Cate 2nd, Dawner 3rd, Bramwell, Nissim, Zhukuram, Bamrak, Pira, Honasha, Rania, Hd-jr
  • 29 April 2013 - rank 1
    • Group: AvasSlava, Humbuk, GHawkins, cate, pira, Pixels, Ranno, Mehrane, Spark, Floreta, Aubery, Khelben
  • 28 May 2013 - rank 1
  • Group # 1 Almelkehdes, Bamrak, blondie, Bramwell, Chet, Dale, Kwita, Ninfa, Nissim, Ranno, Spark, Zhukuram.
    • Warehouse for stashing materials at RP 1629, 2885 . A guild was built next to warehouse to facilitate material sharing and other activities before or after booth is built.
    • Guild name: Anarchists United Anarchy .
  • Group # 2 Twitch, Neftis, Mydnight, Rey, Iy-Nefer, Ruby, Khelben, Bessieloo, Bozzo, Bryce, silver, GHawkins
  • 27 July 2013 - rank 1
  • Group # 1 Mydnight Demascus Rhosymedre LadyKaytay Twitch Arden GHawkins Morendo Banafrit Khelben Almelkehdes Chet
  • 26 August 2013 - rank 1
  • Group # 1Ruby, Windingo, Tabu, Twitch, Demascus, Chet, Luna, silver, Ranno, Renard, GHawkins, Asnath
  • 25 September 2013 - rank 1
  • Group # 1Twitch Asnath fairytale kastou Bessieloo Bozzo silver Oni Luna dymo GHawkins Aurum
  • 10 Oct 2013 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Meneseth, kastou, Kahoptep, Koinif, Urbi, Nadaniet, melia, Nissim, Obol, Nehebakau, fairytale, Drakien
  • 25 Oct 2013 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 GHawkins, Urbi, Hemptwister, LadyKaytay, Glixis, Peacefulness, Renard, cate, Asnath, Obol, Oni, Kitsuki
  • 09 Nov 2013 - Rank 2
    • Group #1 Thunderstorm,Obol, nikara, Kahoptep, Luna, Renard, Jaylenaeybarre, kastou, Nehebakau, shepard, Bessieloo, Oni
  • 24 Nov 2013 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Obol Asnath Nehebakau Renard shepard Sharlott Honasha LadyKaytay Drakien Kahoptep GHawkins
  • 09 Dec 2013 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 OneBanana hills Nissim Renard Drakien cate Bessodia LadyKaytay Sabuli Obol Karush Antilia
  • 24 Dec 2013 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 hills OneBanana Renard Harvey Renisenb Nehebakau Nissim Kahoptep Yahmose Sabuli GHawkins Antilia
  • 7 Feb 2014 - Rank 2
    • Group #1 Sabuli Obol Ruby Thunderstorm LadyKaytay Drakien Kahoptep Antilia Oni silver Twitch Bessodia
  • 22 Feb 2014 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Obol ReddRuby StarGazeR Thunderstorm Jaylenaebarre RoyCallahan Tyreus Honasha Hyksos Silden JameyJay Rebecca
  • 9 March 2014 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Electus GHawkins Bessieloo Fovo Aziza Twitch Luna Thunderstorm Euryale JameyJay StarGazeR Obol
  • 8 April 2014 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Etma Peabody Wampak Bognor Obol GHawkins Oni windingo Caol Jaxum Chubby Nemoder
  • 23 April 2014 - Rank 2
    • Group #1 Twitch, Caol, Obol, nikatra, ReddRuby, Thunderstorm, Myn, Tyreus, Sabuli, Peabody, silver, Antilla
  • 8 May 2014 - Rank 2
    • Group #1 Antilia Bessieloo Ruby arnika ReddRuby nikara Chet Tyreus Sabuli Obol Bryce melia
  • 23 May 2014 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 PetrusIV Sakeu Lazybum Mariamom Lindie Tyreus SmokeyBear Peabody Nemoder- Challen GHawkins melia
  • 22 June 2014 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 blondie, Blueshift, atomadam2 (3rd), Challen, Letsnow , PetrusIV, Rasti, sake, Tyreus, Aziza, Renard, Mariamom
  • 21 August 2014 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Corrour Blueshift Mariamom AlphaBob atomadam2 GHawkins Consulting eranu Maata Spicy Redshift KailaniLivian
  • 19 November 2014 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 PetrusIV AMon-Sul Renard Heterika Mariamom (3rd) Sharlott Bessodia Alkhar akhen Rekun Challen firelily
  • 19 December 2014 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 sidd AvasSlava Amon-Sul Sakeu (3rd) TreeKaSu (1) Puffs PetrusIV Josh nikara joejoe SleepyKitty (2) badmax
  • 03 January 2015 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 JosS Fovo GHawkins Kwita Bardoth Oshibel Puffs(3) toothless(2) Loki Peacefulness(1) Nepomuk Khepri
  • 17 January 2015 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Ren Amon-Sul (3rd) Aoba Clear sidddette (2nd) Noiz Andante hounddogII (1st) mink Consulting PetrusIV Volchkova
  • 01 Feb 2015 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 PetrusIV Peacefulness Amon-Sul nikara Scottman JosS Mariamom toothless Silden Safa Markanthony Hilary
  • 04 May 2015 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Kirean (1st) brucette (2nd) Anyolina (3rd) Darkfyre Balthazarr Yendor Zea PtolemyVII Rasti YendorsSlave KiwiBird Ptomale
  • 18 May 2015 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 firelily PtolemyVII YendorsSlave MrBruce brucette Indyatep Lerlila KebiRoz Sithid Donk79 Bessodia Balthazarr
    • Group #2 Ptomale Aseto Sharae Renard Mitsuko Anyolina Saetbyul Zianna akhen Rebecca Ghawkins melia
  • 03 June 2015 - Rank 2
    • Group #1 Sabuli Gelsonina Markanthony Kirean blondie AlphaBob Balthazarr Tashienna PetrusIV Amon-Sul Renisenb Antilia
    • Group #2 Cate JosS Bryce Ruby Maata Peacefulness Anyolina Brucette Yahmose Robby Chet KebiRoz
  • 05 June 2015 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Dagny Josephsky PtolemyVII Ptomale Trillian Mariamom Jayman Donk79 Baltharina GHawkins MissBarbara Arpallan
  • 19 June 2015 - Rank 2
    • Group #1 brucette JosS Peacefulness Kirean PtolemyVII Handsome MissBarbara PetrusIV Anyolina Donk79 KebiRoz Balthazarr
  • 21 June 2015 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Saetbyul Augir Tibere Lanaelle Siara Neas MrB Sithid Baltharina Sabina Dagny Astia
  • 03 July 2015 - Rank 2
    • Group #1 Donk79 Yahmose blondie Heterika JosS PetrusIV Nissim Kirean Balthazarr Renisenb Anyolina Peacefulness
  • 07 July 2015 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Renard Mitsuko KebiRoz Baltharina Sithid Mariamom GHawkins MrB akhen Nchanter Aseto Bessodia
  • 21 July 2015 - Rank 2
    • Group #1 Augir MrB Balthazarr Sithid Peacefulness MissBarbara Kirean KebiRoz Donk79 Heterika Baltharina blondie
  • 23 July 2015 - Rank 1
    • Group #1 Kalmkitty Eugenius Ptomale Josephsky Lazybum Lanaelle Dagny Linisha Renard ParkRanger PtolemyVII SmokeyBear
  • 06 August 2015 - Rank 2
    • Group #1 Antilia Augir MissBarbara hd-jr(1) KebiRoz Kalmkitty Handsome(3rd) Sithid Eugenius Sabuli MrB SmokeyBear(2)