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Test of the Covered Cartouche/S03G03

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Members of Group

  • Hounddog, Windrider 1st, Eclypse 3rd, Dreasimy 2nd, Eldrikt, Renard, Crashley, diania, Bessodia, Sun-Aj, Jyin, pira

Ceremonial Voting Booth

Booth is at 1609, 2858


    Tie: Sun-Aj is eliminated for not even attempting to build 
  • 2nd round - Voting Round - 11 remain.
    With 9 votes, diania is eliminated.
    Tie: Bessodia with build size 51
  • 4th round - Voting Round - 9 remain.
    With 8 votes, Renard is eliminated.
    Tie: pira with build size 21
  • 6th round - Voting Round - 7 remain.
    With 5 votes, Hounddog is eliminated.
    Crashley is eliminated for not even attempting to build
  • 8th round - Voting Round - 5 remain.
    3-way Tie: Jyin is eliminated with one vote
    Ikairi is eliminated with build size ?
  • 10th round - Voting Round - 3 remain.
    natta is eliminated with two votes
  • 11th round - Tale of Journey - 2 remain.
    Dreasimy is eliminated with build size 1

Voting Booth Logistics

  • If you have Salvage 7 please add your name here:
  • Booth built, donations undocumented thus far

Voting Booth

Voting Booth Who How Many Stashed
30 Serpentine
30 Mud Granite
1 Jade
100 Cut Stone
45 Sheet Glass
42 Gold
160 Linen
360 Twine
1 Queen's Tomb Lapis
1 Queen's Tomb Garnet
1 Looking Glass Turquoise
1 Looking Glass Garnet
1 Looking Glass Amethyst
100 Brown Paint
100 Crimson Paint
100 Any Greenish Paint
100 Indian Red Paint
100 Violet Red Paint
100 Any Yellowish Paint
100 Any Pinkish Paint