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Test of the Covered Cartouche\Buildings

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The following buildings have had their initial (size 1) costs confirmed in Tale 4. Upgrade costs are generally listed on each building's individual page.

See also: Category:Cartouche

Caress of Wind

Charm of Flight

Distract of Sky

==Fall of Balance T6N.png==

==Float of Ghost T6N.png==

Hatch of Steel T6ok small.gif

Pierce of Heaven

Point of Mind

Puncture of Dark

Pursuit of Soul

Reflect of Orbit

Resign of Border

==Retreat of HypothesisT6N.png==

==Return of PromiseT6N.png==

Revolve of Time

Sequence of Order T6ok small.gif

Suspend of Green

Tale of Journey

==Twist of Study T6N.png==