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Bulk 1
Weight 20

Tar is a sticky, heavy substance obtained from tar pits, found in a few places around Egypt.


Collected from Tar Pits. Weight 20 / Bulk 1 per unit of tar.



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markerGrL.png Limestone markerRdR.png Red Sand markerYeS.png Sulphurous Water markerWhW.png White Sand markerPuT.png Tar


Uses in Previous Tales:

  • 10 required for a Chemical Bath
  • Pyrotechnics Stars (batch of 10 in a Star Rack):
    • 9 required for Sparkling Sunoui (UE)
    • 13 required for Blue Sparkly (DoS)
  • 15-60 required for Dancing Waters Basins


Required By

Advanced Tub Design, Aqueduct Tower, Chemical Bath, DoS Aqua Project, Ferry Boat, Hardwood Obelisk, Long-Range Ferry, Marble Tub, Scent Lab, Twist of Study

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