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Limestone is a sedimentary rock found in natural deposits around Egypt. Its main value is as a source of lime, from burning in a Firepit or Crematory.

It can be gathered with a Flint Hammer and Flint Chisel (producing one limestone per hit), or with a Heavy Mallet and a Lead Chisel (producing three limestone per hit). Gathering limestone will give soda with a 25% chance.

It's a good idea to bring multiple chisels when gathering limestone. Flint chisels have a tendency to shatter with use. Lead chisels also wear out, although they last much longer. Gathering limestone uses Endurance, so food that boosts End helps a lot.

Limestone deposits are bright white and easy to notice.

For the Map with the editable locations of limestone go here: Maps/Limestone

Public Augers can be found here.


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Required By

Empty Hand Puzzle, Lime, Lime Emulsion, Pottery Deck, Shrine of Conflict