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Flint Chisel

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File:Flint Chisel.png
Bulk 1
Weight 1

A basic tool for gathering Limestone.


Created using the Self > Skills > Assemble... menu.


Used to get Limestone, along with a hammer. One limestone is gathered per click.

  • About one in six clicks will also give you Soda.
  • Will break after some number of uses (on average one chisel can harvest 18 limestone).
  • (speculation) It seems that if you let the END timer expire totally (END goes black) the flint tools last longer. I pulled 100 Limestone with 2 flint chisels and 1 flint hammer.--shuofthefieryheat 22:38, 15 January 2009 (EST)
    • After each swing, or after each burst of swings? I just got to 93 on two chisels by doing 3 swings at a time. --Numaris
      • In T5 I let the END timer go to black each time and was pulling <18 per chisel. More testing needed Kasiya 16:12, 12 August 2010 (EST)
    • Allowing the stat timer to go black does not mean the timer has expired. It's a little complicated, and the Timers section in Stats can fill you in on the details. Short story, for limestone gathering, after three consecutive clicks the END timer is at 1m 22s (unless stated all times are teppy). The Endurance label will go dark red 23s later (when buffer time is available), black 18s later, leaving another 42s before the timer is TOTALLY empty. Given teppy time is a little longer than real time, that puts the timer expiring about 1m 32s real time after the clicks. If you did not get 3 clicks in before the timer was full again, it wasn't completely cleared. - Froderick (South Egypt), June 2012
    • My experience was that waiting for the END timer was the way to go. However even after waiting for the END timer to clear, I was still getting frequent breaks. So I increased my wait time out to 2 teppy min and my breaks decreased substantially. The other day I was waiting around 3-4m or so, not sure wasn't really paying attention, and I pulled 90db from 1 chisel. So I think the amount of time you let pass after the END timer clears may also play into your break chance, as well as dumb luck, of course. - Froderick (South Egypt), June 2012
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