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Long-Range Ferry

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Ferry Boat.png
Size N/A
Where Outside


This building becomes available after you have learned the Ferry Construction 2 skill.


Built in a small construction site.


Small boat that can be used to cross *SMALL* bodies of water. The range is about 5 times bigger than that of a regular ferry.

Also you need to build a small construction site EVERY time you build the ferry. Once you disassemble you get all the parts back but not as a kit.

Note: There seems to be a slight delay in getting off the LR Ferry. If you seem to be stuck try using the arrow keys, set the chat line to "Press Enter to Chat", click on several areas around the ferry both front and back. It may be that the graphic footprint is a bit larger than it appears on the screen and the mouse click doesn't register on the landscape correctly.

Note: The T6 ferry does not look like this picture.

Ferries and Airships

Ferries and Airships can also be constructed to aid Egyptian travel.

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