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Small Gears

Petit pignon.png
Bulk 1
Weight 1

Small gears are made from 2 Brass and 2 Beeswax in a Casting Box.

Research and Tuition

2000 are required for Advanced Automation at University of Architecture



(10 Small Gears at a time requires Fine Casting)

Required By

Alembic, Automatic Loom, Automatic Sawmill, Flax Gin, Guilds/Hapi-ness/Steam Kiln, High Pressure Steam Engine, Lesser Sphinx, Medium Steam Engine, Raeli Oven, Return of Promise, Simple Lockbox, Small Steam Engine, Southern Cross/Steam Distaff, Steam Distaff, Steam Rock Saw, Steam Shovel, Steam Silt Collector

Produced By

Casting Box

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