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Guilds/Hapi-ness/Steam Kiln

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At this point, we're likely looking at doing the initial construction only, but can consider upgrading it if we'd like.

We will have to find someone to teach one of us Steam Mechanics technology.


This building becomes available once you have learned the Steam Mechanics technology.


In addition to the base cost to construct, Steam Kilns require coal as a fuel source when running.

Initial Construction

Medium Steam Engine

A non-upgraded Steam Kiln's hopper can hold 500 Wet Clay Jugs, Wet Clay Bricks or 500 Wet Firebricks at once, replacing 16 Reinforced Kilns

Upgrade and Enlarge Hopper

After upgrading the hopper, the Steam Kiln can hold 1500 Wet Clay items or 1500 Wet Firebricks at once, replacing 50 Reinforced Kilns.

Further Upgrade and Enlarge Hopper

This upgrade expands the hopper to hold 4500 Wet Clay items or Wet Firebricks at once, replacing 150 Reinforced Kilns.