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Slate is a type of stone picked up from the ground. It is especially crucial to new players working toward Citizenship, but it is also used in more advanced buildings and activities, such as prospecting for marble.


Slate is found randomly near water. If you are close enough to water to be able to gather water and mud, then you also have a chance of finding slate. You'll know you're standing on some when the slate action icon appears in the corner of your screen.

Whenever you gather slate, another piece respawns nearby, sometimes right on the spot where you're standing. A random location within approximately a 3x3 square of your position is picked; if the random square is a valid position for slate, a new piece is placed there. This is why sometimes you will get more than one slate in a row.

After manually gathering 1000 slate, you will gain the option to accumulate it automatically as an offline chore.

Action Icon

Slate action icon


Required By

Carpentry Shop, Desert Obelisk, Firepit, Grain Oven, Hatch of Steel, Hexaglyph Tablet, Khefre's Locker, Lesser Sphinx, Mechanics, Mentor Shrine, Obelisk Construction 1, Stone Blade, Stone Quarry, Test of Hexaglyphs, Test of Mentorship, Test of Towers, Throne of Pharaoh/Throne Decoration Materials, Wood Plane

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