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Rocks of the Ages

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Rocks of the Ages is a skill (more of a quasi-skill, really) learned from a School of Architecture at a tuition of 10 slate. It allows you to attune your senses to one of the 28 types of granite and marble, enabling you to prospect for that type of stone.

To learn Rocks of the Ages for a particular type of marble, a minimum Perception is required (see the Granite and Marble article for a full listing). This Perception can be temporary (e.g. boosted through meals) -- you only need the required Perception at the time you learn the skill. You continue to be attuned to that marble type until, and unless, you change it; the skill does not "wear off", even if your Perception drops later.

You can only be attuned to one type of marble at a time. However, you can retrain at any time by returning to a School of Architecture and paying another 10 slate.

See the Granite and Marble article for more details.

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