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Carpentry Shop

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Carpentry shop.png
Size 14x14
Where Compound


This building becomes available after you have learned the Carpentry skill.


Built in a Compound. Uses 14x14 cells.


  • Vice Bench (allows construction of additional tools)
  • Carpentry Blade (A functional one is require to plane wood. These will wear out as they are used. Blades of higher quality last longer.)

Additional Information

You will not get any upgrade stuff back when you salvage an upgraded Carpentry Shop at salvage level 7.


The primary function of a Carpentry Shop is to plane wood into boards; this requires a metal carpentry blade to be installed. With a blade installed and wood in your inventory, you can use the shop to plane boards automatically, which saves a great deal of clicking. Automatic planing will halt if you move, or after 50 boards are made.

Required By

Boards, Deckle, Heavy Mallet, Iron Shovel, Loom Frame, Scythe, Slate Shovel, Sledgehammer