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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Iron is a refined metal formed by smelting Iron Ore in a furnace (such as a Bullet Furnace or Compression Furnace). Iron Ore is extracted from Mines that sit on an iron vein. May be made into items on an anvil using Blacksmithing (max 180 hits)

Research and Tuition

2500 are required to research Advanced Blacksmithing 2 at University of Art

Required By

Anvil Bed, Bolt, Buildings, Guilds/Hapi-ness/Sawmill Upgrade, Guilds/Pished Hermits/projects, Iron Bars, Iron Poker, Iron Strap, Large Flywheel, Medium Flywheel, Medium Gear, Medium Gears, Metallic Obelisk, Nails, Pinch Roller, Resources, Round Hammer, Screw Gears, Shovel Blade, Silkworm Farm, Sledgehammer, Small Flywheel, Steel, Washer

Produced By

Iron Ore