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Stone Blade Fabrication

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Allows you to make Stone Blades from 2 slate. (Self>Skills>Forge a Stone Blade)


Taught at the School of Architecture (level 0).

To learn Stone Blade Fabrication, you need:

Using the skill

The Stone Blade Fabrication skill starts at level 1. Each time you attempt to make a stone blade, one of three things will happen:

  1. One slate will shatter (and you lose it), and one will break cleanly and form a stone blade.
  2. Both slates will shatter.
  3. One slate will shatter, and one will remain intact. When this happens, your Stone Blade Fabrication skill will increase by 1.

A higher skill level will decrease the chance of failing. At level 7 (max level), you have a 100% success chance of making a stone blade.