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Test of the Windsong

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  Test of the  
  • Level 24
  • Build a Windsong Tower
  • Create at least 7 distinct type of Pure Chimes
  • Install at least 3 Pure Chimes
  • Open your Chime Tower for judging
  • Tear down your Chime Tower OR do the following:
    • Have 7 judges rate your Windsong Tower
    • Design rated Good by most judges

Chime Tower

The test of the Windsong is a test in the discipline of Arts and Music. In this test, you create Pure Chimes to create melodies in a Chime Tower.

Chime Tower construction cost (10x16 inside a Compound):

Add chimes manufactured in an Acoustics Laboratory.

Once you have the wind chime built, you have the option to add chimes. You only need one of each chime for the chime to work. As you load the chime in, you can pick when a chime begins playing. You can play more than one chime at once, and the chimes aren't used up while you test them. You can also remove chimes from the tower and they are added back to your inventory.

You can hear what the chimes each sound like on the Chime guide, with audio files

Public Acoustics Laboratories

Seven Lakes 1119, -2091

Seven Lakes 1173, -970 - upgraded - [1]

Seven Lakes 692, -902 - Upgraded


Region Coordinates Designer Passed
7 Lakes 1410, -1121 Anastasya not yet
7 Lakes 1410, -1121 Sebilis not yet
River Plains 1562, 2845 Minerva not yet
River Plains 1341,1984 Tabi not yet
River Plains 1344,1984 Vege-Mon not yet
South Egypt 1085, -5600 Mbizi Yes
DoS -1009, 2136 Chet not yet
River Plains 1392, 3081 Solaris No
7 Lakes 1411, -1124 Nissim Yes
River Plains 1524, 2817 Spark No
River Plains 1553, 2834 Avanya Yes
River Plains 1409, 2806 Jyin No
River Plains 1405, 2809 natta No
River Plains 1529, 2811 Tedra No
7 Lakes 1402, -1151 Thunderstorm YES
River Plains 1565, 3181 Aveege Yes
River Plains 1518, 3455 tamb No