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Art and Music

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  Discipline of  
Art and Music
Test Level
Principles of Art and Music 2
Test of Khefre's Children 4
Test of the Raeli Mosaic 7
Test of Pyrotechnics 9
Test of The Formal Garden 11
Test of Flight 13
Test of Dancing Waters 16
Test of the Windsong 24

The discipline of Art and Music tests your ability to create pieces of art that are pleasing to the eyes and ears. The tests of Art and Music involve creating works of art and having them judged by fellow Egyptians.


Passing Art tests allows a blacksmith to add a small number of quality points to everything they make. The bonus is applied when the object is removed from the anvil.

The bonus has been calculated by rwindmtg as follows:


For example, a Master of Art will add 102 points to a 9001 quality hatchet, for a final quality of 9103.

(Taken from the Art and Music Rewards page)