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Metal items shaped on an Anvil, and glass items shaped in a Glory Hole, are individually crafted. Once completed, each item is unique and bears a quality rating from 1 to 9999, reflecting how closely the item was worked to an "ideal" shape for that type. Quality is listed as part of the description for an item.

For some items, a higher quality improves their performance, output and/or longevity. In other cases, a building may require a minimum quality for the items used in its construction.

Metal Items

Every item finished on an Anvil has a quality rating based on how closely it conforms to the goal template. See the Blacksmithing Guide for tips on maximizing the quality of your anvil products.

Glass Items

Items formed in a Glory Hole have a quality rating based on how closely they conform to the goal template. For strategies, see the Glassblowing Guide.

  • Wine Glass: A higher quality glass increases the maximum tier of wine flavor that can be tasted in that glass. See the Detecting Flavors section for more details.
  • Thermometer: Finished thermometers have no quality rating. However, while working the project, quality must be at least 3500 to successfully complete.
  • Distillation Coil: A Mutagenics Lab requires a coil of quality 6000 or better. Coils used to build a Chemical Bath must be at least 7500. Better quality coils also improve the functionality of an upgraded Chemistry Laboratory.
  • Hookah Bowl: The higher the quality of the bowl, the more puffs can be taken from the Hookah before the herb runs out. This is especially helpful when a large number of smokers are sharing the hookah.
  • Barometric Sphere: See below.

A barometer has a quality rating which derives from the relative quality of the 3 barometric spheres used to assemble it. For maximum barometer quality, each sphere must individually be of high quality, and all three spheres must be similar in quality to one another.