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Requires Advanced Glassblowing to make. Made from 1 quicksilver and 1 Glass Pipe in a Glory Hole. Finished thermometers do not have a quality rating, but a quality of at least 3500 must be achieved during crafting to successfully finish one. Requires Advanced Glassblowing and Basic Chemistry skill for it to show up in the Gloryhole make window.

See Glassblowing Guide for instructions on crafting.


Required By

Alembic, Ant Colony, Beetle Terrarium, Buildings, Charcoal Brazier, Chemical Bath, Chemistry Laboratory, Crematory, Essential Macerator, Greenhouse, Guilds/Hapi-ness/Steam Kiln, Guilds/Pished Hermits/projects, Hades Furnace, High Pressure Steam Engine, Medium Steam Engine, Modern Sheep Farm, Mutagenics Lab, Persephone Furnace, Reactory, Silkworm Farm, Small Steam Engine, Southern Cross/Steam Distaff, Steam Distaff, Steam Shovel, Structure Maintenance, Toxin Kitchen, Vault Kiln, Wood Treatment Tank

Produced By

Glory Hole

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