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Modern Sheep Farm

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Modern Sheep Farm.png
Size N/A
Where Outside


You must know the Modern Sheep Farming skill learned from a University of Worship where it has been researched.


Built in a Small Construction Site.

  • It is much larger, and can accommodate up to 50 sheep before they stop breeding.
  • It is much more costly to build, but it may be worth it in place of 3-5+ normal sheep pens. Due to the difficulty of finding livestock dwelling insects, the Modern Sheep Farm may have a greater application in this telling.
  • Modern sheep farms can be loaded with thistles to decrease onions consumption by a currently unknown amount. One thistle adds 1000 thistle bits to the trough. Sheep farms have certain thistle requirements -- the thistles must meet two thistle vitamin requirements, different for each farm. These requirements change after any amount of the appropriate thistles are loaded in. In earlier tales, thistles kept sheep from getting diseased with sheep pox.
    • My testing indicates that feeding sheep thistles does not affect onion consumption. Over a 24 hour period, 10 male and 10 female sheep ate 40 onions per 3 hours despite having over 80,000 thistle bits to eat. Then I removed all onions from the trough and they began to starve. 08:11, 25 November 2009 (EST)~Skalops
  • You can only fill the trough with 50 thistles at a time. This gives 50,000 thistle bits in the trough.


There is definitely Nitrogen pollution created when there are 60 sheep in the pen. Appears that fewer sheep created less pollution. Needs more testing. 6 November 2013~Zotep