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Thistles are made in a Thistle Garden and used to make Raw Silk in a Silkworm Farm, as well as for feed in a Modern Sheep Farm

Thistle Guide

Thistle requests

Twisted Thistle Guild at RP Chariot Stop, just north of it at 1607 2914.

Previous tales

Tale 4 Guide

Tale 3 Guide

  • Change from Tale 3: Thistle requirement "-" is less than or equal to 20, not 22.

Tale 4 Thistle Recipes

Thistle Simulator in Excel format

Thistle Simulator in OpenDocument format

Use of Talos's Thistle Garden Void Finder Tool After setting up Linux or Virtualbox, the Void finder file is at the bottom and called

Use of Talos's Thistle Simulator Tool Create nice graphics with the thistle reactions