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Barometric Sphere

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Made in a Glory Hole from 1 Glass Rod.

  • Push the rod in about 4 clicks to heat the spot where the middle of the first bulb will be. Leave it for a few seconds until the middle of the bulb location is yellow, then quickly push the rod in to heat the centre of the second bulb. As soon as it's yellow, blow 5-10 times (not counted yet) to get two rough bulbs. It seems to help to leave the first bulb to heat slightly longer than the second to counter the cool down time while you're heating the second. I got spheres of 5-6k with this method.

You need 3 Barometric Spheres to make a Barometer. The ideal case is for the 3 spheres to be perfectly matched in quality (otherwise you lose quality on the barometer - see barometer page for the reason) and the easiest way to achieve that is to make lots of spheres, then pick the closest matched ones.

Note: You can make quality 1 spheres by doing absolutely nothing. Just stick the glass in the glory hole, then click Unload. You dont have to turn or anything. Make 3 of these quality 1 spheres to create a quality 1 barometer. The accuracy is only off by about 5 feet than higher quality barometers. Even if you never used a glory hole before, you are guaranteed to make at least a quality 1 barometer.



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Glory Hole

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