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Chimes are not a widely used resource in Egypt. They are primarily used in the Test of the Windsong, as well as materials for building a lesser sphinx and a Monument of Art.

There are 100 total chimes available, each with a unique sound. They are denoted with an action (Diving, Floating, Gliding, Hovering, Soaring) and a type of bird (Albatross, Crane, Raven, etc.)


Chimes are created from a fine glass rod using an acoustics laboratory. The laboratory has 14 possible upgrades which allow you to push the tuning of a chime in different directions around the tuning map. (Once any upgrade is installed, there is no cost to use that upgrade on a chime). The specific actions of each upgrade is laboratory dependent--rubbing with silk in one laboratory will have a very different effect than in another laboratory. It is useful to calibrate or keep notes on what your laboratory's actions each do. The more upgrades you have available, the more options you will have to move about the map.

The available actions in a fully upgraded lab are:

  • Plunge into Hot Water
  • Plunge into Cold Water
  • Stress with Shearing Force
  • Bathe in Quicksilver
  • Tumble with White Sand
  • Shine with Silk Cloth
  • Clean with Worm Spirits
  • Fracture against Leopard's Paw
  • Mill with Aluminum Powder
  • Expose to Intense Light
  • Shock against Heavy Block
  • Polish using Rabbit Pelts
  • Coat in Beeswax
  • Dope with Cactus Sap

The chime map is the same for all players, regardless of the laboratory. It changes each tale (or the walls do).

There are three possible starting places on the map for a chime, and one is randomly chosen when you start to work a chime. Your position on the map is at the center of the starting cell.

In order to create the other chimes, use the upgraded actions to "tune" the chime.

Each action will attempt to move your position a set length and direction (unique to that action). Note that this length is most likely not an integer cell length nor a pure N,S,E,W direction!! If your action isn't blocked by a wall on the map, then one tuning action will usually move your position far from the center of the cell in which you began. When you end far from a cell center, your chime is in a non-pure state. When you play a chime in a non-pure state, you will be told in Main channel "The sound is as pure as water after a rain. You think you hear: chime name" (the chime name is the chime whose map cell center you are closest to). You will also hear a muddled mix of chime sounds playing. If you remove the chime when you are not in a pure state, it will ruin the chime.

However, there is no limit to how many tuning actions you can take, so you can keep tuning until you get close enough to a cell center to have a pure chime. You'll get a flyaway message indicating its a pure sound: "The sound is as pure as crystal. You hear: chime name". It will also play that pure chime melody. You can then safely remove the chime, and it will permanently be tuned to that chime sound.

Moving around the chime map is not so simple, though, as most paths are not open for free movement. There are many walls that separate cells. Some of these walls are totally blocked, and there is no way through them. Others are only partially blocked, and (with persistance) you can find a spot to pass through. And some cells do have totally open boundaries.

Chime Map


full resolution version

(this is the same map as from Tale 4, and was confirmed to be so by Solaris. Thanks to the McArine for the map illustration).

Tuning Tips

  • Moving around the map is a qualitative exercise, since there is no good way to measure "true" distances on the map.
  • Sometimes a wall will block a tuning action partially, allowing you to slide along it in one direction, without crossing it.
  • Once you get a feel for how big of a push and in what directions your laboratory actions push a chime, you can strategize combinations of tunings to move in each direction (N, S, E, W) around the map.
  • Keep notes on what actions move you from pure chime to pure chime, beginning at the starter chimes. This will speed up the tuning process when you are aiming for chimes far away, or doing a lot of tuning.
  • Some partial walls can be very difficult to cross. Keep trying, though. You may want to back your position up in the opposite direction occasionally, and then try actions that move towards the wall.

Chime Sounds

All of the available chime tunes have been recorded, so you can hear them without having to work a chime around the map. Hopefully this will make planning a Windsong test easier, so you know ahead of time where on the map you'd like to aim.

(Please note that care was taken to record the chimes as they sound when installed in a Windchime Tower. Some of the chimes sound a little cut-off at the end of them. This is how they sound in game, not an artifact of the recording of the files below.)

Bird Diving Floating Gliding Hovering Soaring
Albatross File:Diving albatross.ogg File:Floating albatross.ogg File:Gliding albatross.ogg File:Hovering albatross.ogg File:Soaring albatross.ogg
Buzzard File:Diving buzzard.ogg File:Floating buzzard.ogg File:Gliding buzzard.ogg File:Hovering buzzard.ogg File:Soaring buzzard.ogg
Condor File:Diving condor.ogg File:Floating condor.ogg File:Gliding condor.ogg File:Hovering condor.ogg File:Soaring condor.ogg
Crane File:Diving crane.ogg File:Floating crane.ogg File:Gliding crane.ogg File:Hovering crane.ogg File:Soaring crane.ogg
Eagle File:Diving eagle.ogg File:Floating eagle.ogg File:Gliding eagle.ogg File:Hovering eagle.ogg File:Soaring eagle.ogg
Finch File:Diving finch.ogg File:Floating finch.ogg File:Gliding finch.ogg File:Hovering finch.ogg File:Soaring finch.ogg
Gull File:Diving gull.ogg File:Floating gull.ogg File:Gliding gull.ogg File:Hovering gull.ogg File:Soaring gull.ogg
Hawk File:Diving hawk.ogg File:Floating hawk.ogg File:Gliding hawk.ogg File:Hovering hawk.ogg File:Soaring hawk.ogg
Hummingbird File:Diving hummingbird.ogg File:Floating hummingbird.ogg File:Gliding hummingbird.ogg File:Hovering hummingbird.ogg File:Soaring hummingbird.ogg
Lark File:Diving lark.ogg File:Floating lark.ogg File:Gliding lark.ogg File:Hovering lark.ogg File:Soaring lark.ogg
Nightingale File:Diving nightingale.ogg File:Floating nightingale.ogg File:Gliding nightingale.ogg File:Hovering nightingale.ogg File:Soaring nightingale.ogg
Osprey File:Diving osprey.ogg File:Floating osprey.ogg File:Gliding osprey.ogg File:Hovering osprey.ogg File:Soaring osprey.ogg
Owl File:Diving owl.ogg File:Floating owl.ogg File:Gliding owl.ogg File:Hovering owl.ogg File:Soaring owl.ogg
Parrot File:Diving parrot.ogg File:Floating parrot.ogg File:Gliding parrot.ogg File:Hovering parrot.ogg File:Soaring parrot.ogg
Pheasant File:Diving pheasant.ogg File:Floating pheasant.ogg File:Gliding pheasant.ogg File:Hovering pheasant.ogg File:Soaring pheasant.ogg
Puffin File:Diving puffin.ogg File:Floating puffin.ogg File:Gliding puffin.ogg File:Hovering puffin.ogg File:Soaring puffin.ogg
Raven File:Diving raven.ogg File:Floating raven.ogg File:Gliding raven.ogg File:Hovering raven.ogg File:Soaring raven.ogg
Sparrow File:Diving sparrow.ogg File:Floating sparrow.ogg File:Gliding sparrow.ogg File:Hovering sparrow.ogg File:Soaring sparrow.ogg
Warbler File:Diving warbler.ogg File:Floating warbler.ogg File:Gliding warbler.ogg File:Hovering warbler.ogg File:Soaring warbler.ogg
Waxwing File:Diving waxwing.ogg chime is unreachable on map File:Gliding waxwing.ogg File:Hovering waxwing.ogg File:Soaring waxwing.ogg