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Test of the Pulse of the People

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  Test of the  
Pulse of the People
  • Build a Pulse of the People
  • Write the Survey Mode Introduction
  • Write the Play Mode Introduction
  • Write Seven Surveys, Review and Open
  • Answer Surveys at three Pulse of the People (Not your own)
  • Have Fourty-Nine people answer each of your Surveys
  • Have Seven Judges play and rate your Pulse of the People
  • Design rated Good by most judges
  • All of the above, OR score 21+ on three recent winning Pulse
  • Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.


This test requires that one build a structure called a "Pulse of the People", at which you design a survey. There are two phases to the game: the survey mode, then the actual game. During the survey phase, people give answers to the survey question and receive a Pulse of the People Token as reward. Once the survey phase is complete, the designer examines the responses, consolidates the answers and opens the game phase. Playing the game costs one Pulse Token and people have to attempt to guess the most popular answer to each question (getting more points for more popular answers).

Once someone has played through the game phase, they can judge the Pulse as with other Thought Tests. Once the minimum number of judges is reached (7?), the Pulse will be eligible for passing. Passing occurs once a week, with the highest scoring Pulse passing.

How to Play a Pulse

  • Pulse of the People is like playing Family Feud. Here's some tips:
    • When you start to play it will give you each question in a new window.
    • At the very bottom of this window is a chat field where you enter the answer.
    • All the answers available are hidden behind multiple question marks listed in the window like this: ???? ?????
    • You keep answering the same question until you either reveal all of the correct answers OR you exceed the maximum amount of incorrect answers you can get per question (set by the puzzle designer.)
    • You have a time limit, not answering for a long period (30-60 seconds?) will record an incorrect answer.
    • Trying to chat to others often leads to mis-answering the Pulse questions so try to avoid chatting while interfacing with a Pulse.
    • Your goal is to try to get as many points as possible.
      • The more popular the answer was with the surveyors, the more points you get for your correct guess.

Building Cost

Building cost (compound based, 35x203):


How It Works

The designer first enters 7 questions, then reviews and opens the survey. Teppy stated that a good example of a question would be "What is the hardest mushroom to eat fresh from the earth?" whereas a bad question would be "How many points does one start tug with?" He means that questions where an answer that can be simply looked up on the wiki are less interesting than ones that involves some knowledge of the world or an opinion of the player. In other words, questions that don't have definitive, factual answers.

The questions will appear in a random order to every player, keep that in mind when designing your survey. Also, the game box does not display questions longer than the length of the input box, and is not likely to. Teppy said it would take several days to code, and he doesn't want people to use long questions anyway. Keep your questions short.

At least 49 people must then fill out the survey before the game becomes playable. The designer is able to link answers that refer to the same thing e.g. "DP" and "demi pharaoh" and "demi-pharaoh", would be linked so that the survey records 3 answers for "demi pharaoh", or whichever version the designer chooses. These are known as synonyms, which can be matched during the game. The designer can also delete questions which are not 'going well' and add new ones. In order to open the game, all active questions must have 49 answers.

The player doesn't judge when answering the survey, but does get a "Pulse of the People Token," which is used to play other Pulses of the People later. The tokens are portable items and you can use any token to play any pulse.

The game itself will be a bit like "Family Fortunes" (UK), or "Family Feud" (US). The idea is to try and guess the most popular answers to each question. The more popular the answer, the more points you get. After a certain number of wrong guesses, you go onto the next question.

Design Interface

A designer has access to the following options on the Pulse of the People:

  • Enter the Intro Text (Play Mode)
  • Enter the Intro Text (Survey Mode)
  • Set Allowed Misses...
  • Surveys...

The first two options are self-explanatory; they set the initial message that players or survey respondents will see.

Allowed misses may be set to none, one, two, or three. If the setting is none, players get only one chance to answer each question--after that answer, right or wrong, they go on to the next question. If the setting is one, two, or three, players may continue to make guesses until they make that number of incorrect guesses, where "incorrect" is defined as a response that is not on the list.

Warning: If you set the number to 2, the pulse will move to the next question as soon as the player has made 2 incorrect guesses. Many pulse designers get this one wrong.

The "Surveys" menu has one entry for each of the seven survey questions. Initially, these options will allow you to create survey questions. Once created, each entry has the following options:

  • Delete this whole survey
  • Delete Responses...
  • Add Synonym...
  • Review Synonyms
  • Format Master Answer...
  • Fuse Responses...

A survey consists of a set of "master response" each containing a set of "synonyms". The master response is the name for a given response, and the synonyms are the words that a player can type in to select that response. Consider the following example "review synonyms" report:

Synonyms report for What are you wearing?:

Master Response: hat(28)
Master Response: haat(1)
Master Response: kilt(10)
Master Response: skirt(10)
Master response: sheep(1)

Whenever someone gives a new answer to a survey, a new master response is created and assigned a single synonym (itself).

Delete this whole survey will remove that survey question from the pulse entirely.

Delete responses... may be used to remove a master response. For example, you could delete the "sheep" response from the above example, on the grounds that it's too random for anyone to guess.

Add synonym... will add a new synonym to a master response. For example, you could add "cap" as a synonym for the "hat" master response above, meaning that a player may type either "cap" or "hat" to select that response.

Format master answer... changes how the master answer appears to players.

Fuse responses... combines two master responses into one. First select the master response you want to keep from the sub-menu. A pop-up window will ask you to pick the response you want to fuse to the selected one. The fused response's synonyms and vote total will be added to the first response. Remember, pick the response you want to keep first.

Note that once a Pulse has been opened, the design cannot be modified without developer intervention. Make absolutely certain you have your design in the state you want before you open the game!

Demonstrating the Principle

Pulse of the People Locations

Please add your Pulse to the map and the table below. For clarity, please use a (RdS) symbol for a Pulse in Survey mode, a (GrP) symbol for a Pulse in Play mode, and a (BlP) symbol for a Pulse that has passed (best in the land).

Region Coordinates Designer Survey/Play/Passed Remarks RL Date opened
River Plains 1436, 2850 Robby Play West of the CS, across road from U of Thought 08/02/2014
Seven Lakes 1385, -1085 Sebilis Passed Left when you pass the bridge of the CS 01/09/2014
River Plains 1562, 2845 Minerva Play Teeny bit SW of the CS 04/08/2012
Seven Lakes 1388, -1169 oDiS Passed A few steps South of the CS 02/22/2012
South Egypt 1086, -5598 Mbizi Passed Just east of the CS 02/25/2012
Seven Lakes 1370, -1161 Saledo Passed A few steps SouthWest of CS 02/26/2012
DoS -1010, 2180 Chet Passed N of CS, across road 03/11/2012
River Plains 1593, 2914 Fuzz Passed A few steps N of CS 03/13/2012
River Plains 1564, 2848 Lindie Play A few steps W of CS 03/27/2012
South Egypt 1086, -5598 Sobe Survey Just East of the CS 03/25/2012
Midland Valley 915, 4863 Dreasimy Passed Just South of the CS 04/11/2012
Midland Valley 915, 4861 Ay Passed Just South of the CS 04/11/2012
River Plains 1516, 2814 Rey Survey SW of CS 04/19/2012
Old Egypt 1041, 6906 Peabody Passed A little East of CS 08/04/2012
River Plains 1529, 2840 Jazkar Passed Short travel west from CS 05/05/2012
River Plains 1396, 3083 Solaris Passed North of UThought 05/10/2012
River Plains 1600, 2850 Casino Passed but torn down by owner Next to cs (English and French) 05/15/2012
River Plains 1602, 2850 Sabuli Passed but torn down by owner Next to cs (English and French) 05/15/2012
Seven Lakes 1406, -1155 JaylenaeYbarre PLAY Next to cs 05/17/2012
River Plains 1548, 2835 GHawkins Play SW of CS 05/31/2012
Midland Valley 938, 4860 Shiranai Play SE of CS 06/03/2012
Four Corners -78, 4386 Bastia Play Beside the CS 01/29/2013
Midland Valley 885, 4888 Payna Survey West, Near CS 06/13/2012
Midland Valley 885, 4892 Fez Survey West, Near CS ?
Seven Lakes 1374,-1184 Ellorin, Hounddog, Reddruby, Tammy Survey south of CS 06/13/2012
River Plains 1357, 1811 Porthos Play South River Plains 07/12/2012
River Plains 1525, 2810 Spark Survey W of RP cs, before Nile Oct/2012
River Plains 1513, 2844 Dalia Design Mode West of RP cs ?
River Plains 1406, 2805 Jyin Survey West of RP CS 08/17/2012
River Plains 1403, 2805 natta Survey West of RP CS 08/17/2012
Seven Lakes 1403, -1155 Thunderstorm Survey close to CS, survey 30 sept
River Plains 1529, 2842 Antilia Play close to CS 08/17/2014
River Plains 1565, 3184 Aveege Survey North of RP CS 08/25/2014


See Test Pass History.