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Ecology allows you to test the environment for Pollution. Pollution may cause certain crops to not grow.


Taught at the School of the Human Body.


Degree Level Cost
First (level 3)
Second (level 7)
Third (level 12)
Fourth (level 19)
Fifth (level 21)
Sixth (level 22)
Seventh (level 23)


Degree Test for Using Baseline Notes
First Heavy metal pollution Tadpoles 0 The more tadpoles die, the more heavy metals there are in the soil.
If more tadpoles are used, the reading becomes more precise.
Second Soil acidity 1 Cabbage Juice 0
Third Ground water level 1 Dried Flax 100 Goes up to 200 near aqueducts
Fourth Phosphorus level 1 Beetle 100
Fifth Soot level 1 Papyrus Paper, 1 Cactus Sap 0
Sixth - A Nitrogen Level 1 Golden Asp, 2 Charcoal 100 Gets higher the closer to and the higher number of animal pens in the area.
Sixth - B Potassium Level 1 Hairy Slug, 2 Charcoal 100
Seventh Salinity 5 Coconut Water, 1 Metal Blue Wire 0


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