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Flax Hammock

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Flax hammock.png
Size 9x17
Where Outside, Compound


This becomes available upon learning the Flax Processing skill.


To build a Flax Hammock, you need:

Can be built outside, or in a Compound, where it uses 9x17 cells.


Takes 10 Teppy Mins to dry 200 (11:06 real time / 3.33 secs per grass).
Takes 2 Teppy Mins to dry 10 (2:13 real time / 13.3 secs per rotten flax)
Takes 4 Teppy Mins to dry 20 (4:26 real time / 13.3 secs per papy).
Takes 5 Teppy Mins to dry 100 (5:33 real time / 3.33 secs per wheat)
Takes 3m 33s Teppy time to dry 4 (3:14 real time / 50s per linen)


There is one hotkey listed on the hammock menu: W for Dry Wheat.

There are valid hotkeys, that load the max amount (although not listed on menu):

  • S = dry Grass (Straw)
  • R = dry Wet Rabbit Pelts
  • F = dry Rotten Flax
  • P = dry Fertile Papyrus
  • N = dry Sterile Papyrus
  • L = dry Wet Linen

The other hotkey is T for Take

See also Drying Rack.