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  Discipline of  
Test Level
Principles of Architecture 1
Test of the Obelisk 3
Throne of Pharaoh 4
Test of Towers 5
Test of the Megalopolis 10
Test of the Funerary Temple 11
Test of Life 13
Test of Seven Phoenix 18

Architecture is one of the seven disciplines.


Passing Tests relating to Architecture provides the following benefits:

  • You can add an addition 14 cells to a compound for every test you have mastered.
  • Passing the Principles grants the skill "Home Construction." Home construction allows the user to build one 'home' structure that has a large storage. This level allows the building of a Tent.
  • Passing two tests allows you to build a Small House, for personal storage up to 60,000 capacity.
  • Passing four tests allows you to build a Medium House, for personal storage up to 130,000 capacity.