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Throne of Pharaoh

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Throne of Pharaoh
  • Level 4

Gather fellow Egyptians and rejoice. Because the Oracles at the Great University of Arch, have discovered the long forgotten building plans for The Throne of Pharaoh. To celebrate this, Pharaoh will each week grant blessings and promotions to those workers that construct the most elaborately decorated throne.

Details: A Throne of Pharaoh consists of a fixed plinth. This is the building that Pharaoh will bless, it cannot be moved and it can never be removed. As this is a permanent building, many Egyptians should work together to construct these.

On a plinth can be built one chair. On the chair the decorations are placed. Up to seven Egyptians can work together on building and decorating a chair. It is not necessary to be seven to decorate a chair. No Egyptian can be working on more than one chair at once. The first Egyptian to start a chair on a plinth, can add up to six other Egyptians to join in decorating the chair. When a plinth is blessed and the chair removed, the original first builder has 24 hours to rebuild a new chair, or the plinth becomes available to the public.

Once an Egyptian has started decorating a chair, he is a part of that chair until, either there are no decorations on it that he has created(they've all fallen off), the chair is determined the most elaborately decorated throne or he abandons the chair and the decorations he has made. If an Egyptian abandons a chair, the decorations he built stay on the chair, and are still counted towards the total points for the chair. If the chair is blessed, only the Egyptians still working on decorating the chair that are recognised. If an Egyptian leaves a chair (no matter the reason), the original builder can add a new Egyptian on the next day, to fill the empty spot. If the original builder leaves, the chair picks the remaining worker that has added the most decorations to the chair as the new original builder(if there's a tie, it picks randomly amongst the tie).

To build a decoration, the Egyptian must visit the plinth to receive a new list of materials needed to build the decoration. After receiving the list, the Egyptian has 3 hours to build and attach the decoration. The list of materials cannot be discarded, it either has to be completed or the decoration is lost. When a plinth has given out a list of materials, it will not give out a new material list, before the current list is either finished, or the 3 hours have passed. An Egyptian can only ask for a list of materials for a decoration once every day. The Egyptians list of materials for a new decoration will change each day, even if the last decoration wasn't finished. To make sure the decoration lasts as long as possible, the primary decorative part of the materials will have to be attached directly into the decoration, as the last ingredient to complete the decoration before the decoration is added to the chair (this ingredient can be gems, metal ore, marble, or anything produced from the earth by the Egyptian (no "Body" materials)).

To determine the most elaborately decorated throne, Pharaoh will take into account the number of decorations on the chair and their age in weeks. A decoration is most valuable in the first week, and will lose value each consecutive week, until it is deemed worthless after 7 weeks, then it falls off of the chair and disappears. There is no limit to the amount of decorations on a chair, only the restrictions mentioned above limits the amount.

Each week, Pharaoh will visit the most elaborately decorated throne, bless the plinth with his presence for a week (some random bonus in a 50 coordinate area around the plinth, until next round of passes), and bring the chair with decorations back to his palace, for his enjoyment.

Once Pharaoh has visited a throne you've helped prepare three times, he will deem you worthy and promote you.(pass the test)

Plinth Costs

Throne Materials

The Throne is built on a Carpentry Bench.


Each member of the group can ask for a decoration request if there isn't already one under way. The cost of the decoration increases with the number of decorations that member already made, within the past (24h?). The first couple of decorations request a list of 7 types of materials, the next couple of decorations request a list of 8 types, the next couple of decorations request a list of 17 types, the next couple of decorations request a list of 21 types, the next requests a list of 27 types. Throne Decoration Materials list here

What We Know

  • There is a daily decoration requirements reset cycle of 24 Pluri hours.So it's best to note the Egypt day and time of your last deco and start 3 Egypt days after that for the next cycle.
  • The materials per deco per cycle get progressively more difficult/rare
  • First and second deco of the cycle - 7 items
  • Third and fourth deco of the cycle - 8 items
  • Fifth and sixth deco of the cycle - 17 items
  • Seventh and eighth deco of the cycle - 21 items
  • Ninth and probably tenth deco of the cycle - 27 items
  • beyond - Good luck!

    • Example of a 7 Item - 140 Blonde Treated Boards, 14 Washer, 2 Medium Aqua Pearl, 14 Small Emerald, 14 Aluminum, 210 Cuttable Stone, 121 Sky Blue Raeli Tiles
    • Example of a 8 Item - 14 Tin, 1 Mud Granite, 7 Medium Ruby, 14 Octec's Alloy, 225 Thread, 121 Azure Raeli Tiles, 121 Pale Turquoise Paint, 140 Black Soft Treated Boards
    • Example of a 17 Item - 2 Small Beige Pearl, 2 Medium Smoke Pearl, 7 Gold Bars, 1 Puzzle Granite, 14 Lead, 140 Glossy Treated Boards, 121 Rosy Brown Raeli Tiles, 121 Dim Gray Raeli Tiles, 140 Rigid Fireproof Treated Boards, 140 Termite-resistant Pliable Treated Boards, 100 Steel Foil, 140 Fireproof Hard Treated Boards, 8 Powdered Aqua Pearl, 100 Magnesium Wire, 28 Sandy Brown Ribbons, 28 Aquamarine Ribbons, 1 Reflection Cut Cut Citrine
    • Example of a 21 Item - Small Coral Pearl, 14 Strontium, 1 Monkey Marble, 2 Medium Aqua Pearl, 2 Medium Coral Pearl, 140 Rotproof Treated Boards, 1 Oyster Shell Marble, 21 Silk Cloth, 121 Green Paint, 121 Hot Pink Paint, 140 Black Glossy Treated Boards, 100 Gold Foil, 140 Black Termite-resistant Treated Boards, 50 Steel Sheeting, 140 Rigid Black Treated Boards, 100 Copper Wire, 2 Large Beige Pearl, 140 Rigid Termite-resistant Treated Boards, 28 White Smoke Silk Panels, 28 Khaki Ribbons, 140 Nontoxic Soft Fireproof Treated Boards
    • Example of a 27 Item - 7 Saltpeter, 2 Medium Black Pearl, 77 Canvas, 2 Medium White Pearl, 7 Medium Opal, 14 Pewter, 10 Silver, 140 White Treated Boards, 14 Water Metal, 1 Jade, 121 Blue Paint, 121 Dark Slate Blue Paint, 121 Light Green Paint, 121 Light Steel Blue Raeli Tiles, 140 Soft Blonde Treated Boards, 50 Titanium Sheeting, 50 Steel Sheeting, 140 Hard Glossy Treated Boards, 100 Metal Blue Foil, 140 Blonde Termite-resistant Treated Boards, 3 Large Diamond, 8 Powdered Ruby, 2 Large Coral Pearl, 28 Lawn Green Silk Panels, 28 Chocolate Silk Panels, 1 Tiki Mask Cut Cut Amethyst, 1 Queen's Tomb Cut Cut Lapis