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This article is about the (non-cuttable) gems primarily produced from ore and sand mines. See also Cuttable Gems.

Gems are a product (or by-product) of Mining. There are seven known types -- diamond, emerald, quartz, ruby, sapphire, opal, and topaz. Every gem comes in one of four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Huge. An individual Mine will produce only one type of gem (determined by location), but the gems produced can be of any size. Naturally, the rarity increases with size.

Occasionally a Water Mine will cough up a gem, although they mainly generate cuttable gems.

example: 25jlbnn.png


Gems (and coal) are acquired when ore nodes in a mine are broken (by being used in 7 workloads). The size of the gem is random. There is some evidence to suggest that when more nodes are broken in the same workload, the gem sizes on average tend to be larger; however, it's still perfectly possible to pull a Huge gem without exploiting this (I have seen no evidence of this at all - Taemon the Mining Nut). Sand mines are thus valuable for gem mining, as it's easy to plan in such a way as to break 5+ nodes at once (assuming there are 5 different colors present in the field). See the Sand Mining Guide for more detailed information.


Gems geographic distributions have changed since previous tellings. Though the boundaries have not yet been extensively explored, gems appear to correspond to regions.

Gem Region Coordinates of Public Sand Mine
Quartz Cat's Claw Ridge (Close to Chariot) -491, 6714 - Seems to be missing. -Safa
Quartz Sinai (Next to Uarch) 3436, 4263
Quartz Sinai (Just south of CS) 3272, 4733
Ruby Old Egypt 991, 6885
Ruby Desert of Shades (way NW of CS) -1601, 2973
Ruby Desert of Shades -977, 2143
Topaz Cradle of the Sun 4320, -771
Topaz Cradle of the Sun 4386, -800
Topaz South Egypt 1050, -5612
Emerald Valley of Kings -2263, 7125
Emerald Midland Valley 938, 4871
Sapphire Four Corners 112, 4402
Sapphire Desert of Nomads 1881, 6702
Diamond River Plains 1606, 2850
Diamond Hinterlands 4201, 4754
Diamond Lake of Reeds 4270, 7652
Diamond Lake of Reeds 4012, 7796 - There is actually no mine here -Taemon
Opal Seven Lakes 821, -1515
Opal Seven Lakes 1385, -1159
Opal Seven Lakes 2099, -1380


  • Small (common)
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge (Rare)









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