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Basic Tub

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Basic Tub.png
Size 7x13
Where Compound


There is no skill or technology required to build a Basic Tub.


Built in a Compound. Uses 7x13 cells.


A Basic Tub is the simplest of the tubs and has the following uses:

A Basic Tub can hold 100 Dung and 20 Water. You can add more water at any time to continue a process.

After some number of uses, the tub will crumble to dust (no resources returned).

The Sturdy Tub is the next step up in quality. The Marble Tub is the first tub you can get that does not crumble.

Miscellaneous Comments

  • The Sturdy Tub requires more canvas but is more durable - build that one if possible.
  • Always better to rot flax in a river/lake rather than a tub as the river/lake doesn't break.
  • If the tub is near the end of its lifetime, salvage it to recover some materials rather than letting them go to dust.
    • If built and used in banks, one or two of the bank will wear out first giving warning that now is the time to salvage/rebuild.
      • Did a small little test with 10 tubs and they each broke around the range of 360-400 dung. -Cearl