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Voluntary Player Contact Information

ATITD has largely been an anonymous game. We know our in game names but often know only bits and pieces of real life information.

This tale has seen the exit of many players, sometimes without explanation. Because the community is tight-knit, this has caused concern in some cases.

This page is meant to be a holding place of information that players wish to share with their fellow Egyptians. It can be as simple as a contact email address in case someone wants to reach you out side of the game, to a brief bio, if you wish to share anything about your life that might be interesting, benefit someone else, offer help outside of the game.

Please use the edit function to add or subtract information only about yourself. Copy the formatting that is already given, paste it and put in your own information.


  • Contact Email
    • sky.atitd@gmail.com
    • Female, 51 yrs, SW VA, USA


  • Contact Email
    • cherrycat78@hotmail.com
    • Female, 41 yrs, Swindon, UK


  • contact email
    • mdosm8@yahoo.com
    • female, American in the UK


  • contact email
    • bcoastal@cox.net
    • female, Georgia, USA


  • contact email
    • gemini57@comcast.net
    • female, Alabama, USA
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