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Trades occur at my compound in Seven Lakes 700, -850 ( North of UBody, 5 min run from CS)

Please check the buying section for what I'm currently buying, and the value of each item. Mixing and matching is allowed.



Glass Cost
Rod 100
Pipe 100
Glass Blades 100
Fine Rod 125
Fine Pipe 125
Glass Jars 100
Sheet Glass 125
12 Empty Wine Bottles 100
Thermometer 300


Material Stock Available Cost
Oyster Shell yes 300
Mud Granite yes 400
White Travertine yes 400
Yellow Alabaster yes 400
Green Sun yes 400
Night Granite yes 400
Rose Alabaster yes 400
Tiger's Eye Granite yes 400
White Alabaster yes 400
Cherry Travertine yes 400
Canary Granite yes 400
Tangerine Marble yes 750
Serpentine Marble yes 2000
Island Blue Marble yes 1500

Fly Tying tuition

Material Stock Available Cost
White Sawfly yes 50
Woodmoth yes 25
Skinlicker yes 100
Nightwing no 200
Clearwing yes 25
Salt Mite no 100


Material Cost
Flax 1.5
Clay Dome 250
Acid 10
Tongs 1500
Canvas 20



Material Value
Scorpion's Brood Mushroom
Razor's Edge Mushroom
Cactus Sap
Resin: Feather Tree, Spiked Fishtree
Foraging 2 herbs: Ashoka, Fumitory, Ilex, Orange Sweetgrass, Pulmonaria Opal, Sweetsop, Yellow Tristeria
Herbs lvl 1: Aloe, Ashoka, Bee Balm, Beetle Leaf, Blue Damia, Brown Muskerro, Burnt Tarragon, Calabash, Caraway, Chaffa, Clingroot, Corsacia, Creeping Thyme, Crimson Pipeweed, Crumpled Leaf Basil, Dank Mullien, Dark Radish, Digweed, Dusty Blue Sage, Dwarf Wild Lettuce, Earth Apple, Finlow, Fire Allspice, Fumitory, Garcinia, Garlic Chives, Gynura, Harrow, Headache Tree, Hogweed, Honey Mint, Ipomoea, Jagged Dewcup, Khokali, Lavender Navarre, Mahonia, Medicago, Myrrh, Mirabellis Fern, Orange Sweetgrass, Pitcher Plant, Primula, Sandy Dustweed, Shyama, Skirret, Sugar Cane, Sweetsop, Tagetese, Tamarask, Tangerine Dream, Weeping Patala, Whitebelly, Wild Yam, Yava, Yellow Tristeria, Zanthoxylum
Herbs lvl 2: Altar's Blessing, Beggar's Button, Bhillawa, Blooded Harebell, Cicada Bean, Elegia, Flander's Blossom, Gokhru, Ilex, Joy of the Mountain, Larkspur, Liquorice, Lungclot, Miniature Bamboo, Miniature Lamae, Red Pepper, Rubydora, Squill, Tristeria, Tsatso, Umber Basil, Upright Ochoa
Herbs lvl 3: Apiphenalm, Asafoetida, Bay Tree, Bilimbi, Blood Root, Bloodwort, Brassy Caltrops, Bull's Blood, Butterroot, Crimson Clover, Crimson Nightshade, Crimson Windleaf, Curly Sage, Dameshood, Death's Piping, Enchanter's Plant, Fire Lily, Fivesleaf, Gnemnon, Jaivanti, Jugwort, Lavender Scented Thyme, Maragosa, Pale Skirret, Patchouli, Peppermint, Quamash, Royal Rosemary, Rubia, Schisandra, Sandalwood, Sky Gladalia, Sweet Groundmaple, Thunder Plant, Trilobe, Turtle's Shell, Wasabi, White Pepper Plant, Xanat
Herbs lvl 4: Allbright, Apothecary's Scythe, Asane, Azure Tristeria, Blueberry Tea Tree, Blood Balm, Chukkah, Cranesbill, Dewplant, Flaming Skirret, Ginger Tarragon, Heartsease, Jaiyanti, King's Coin, Lemon Basil, Moon Aloe, Naranga, Nubian Liquorice, Revivia, Shyamalata, Strychnos, Wild Garlic, Wood Sage
Herbs lvl 5: Bitter Florian, Blessed Mariae, Cassia, Cirallis, Golden Sun, Golden Sweetgrass, Ice Mint, Lemon Grass, Mandrake Root, Orris, Spinnea, Yellow Gentian
Herbs lvl 6: Artemisia, Bleubillae, Butterfly Damia, Golden Gladalia, Golden Sellia, Lamae, Malice Weed, Scaley Hardwood, Vanilla Tea Tree, Verdant Two-Lobe
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