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Voice Chat

We're now running Mumble

To create an account on mumble just log in and register yourself.

  • server address:
  • port: 64738

Who's on? See

If you need help, find Teao and/or Rogarian in Sorcery IRC #atitd-wiki Mumble
Global Chat
Chuck E Cheeses - G
Maz Kanatas Castle - NC 17
The Prancing Pony - R
Friends of the Desert
The Point
Private Rooms
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
Room 5
Room 6
Room 7
Room 8
Cats Claw Ridge
Cradle of the Sun
Desert of Nomads
Desert of Shades
Eastern Grounds
Four Corners
Lake of Reeds
Midland Valley
Old Egypt
River Plains
Seven Lakes
South Egypt
Valley of Kings
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