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On a break until Tuesday 2/21/17

I'm a veteran of T3 (about two weeks of it). T4 Bastet (most of it), and T6 (too much of it). I am quite late to T7, starting on about the New Year 2017.

I'm currently a Level 45 Scribe of Architecture and my goal in T7 is to make Oracle (I did not stick around long enough in T6 to reach it.)

I seem to be accidentally becoming a Worship type as well.

You don't have to worry about me running for Demi-Pharoah ever again, in any tale. Lost a lot of faith in the player base after the last results. No questions asked of me. No questions asked of my opponent, a flat vote for no one. Thanks, Egypt.

Test of the Darkest Night progress:

Golden Sun 4

Test of the Ritual Tattoo progress:

New one shortly.

Completed Tests:

  1. Test of Towers
  2. Test of the Obelisk
  3. Test of the Singing Cicada
  4. Test of Octec's Ghost
  5. Test of the Formal Garden
  6. Test of the Oyster Catcher
  7. Test of the People's Pyramid
  8. Test of Visions
  9. Test of the Archaeologist
  10. Balance of Goods
  11. Test of Leavened Bread
  12. Test of the Vigil
  13. Test of the Bureaucrat
  14. Test of the Coalition
  15. Test of the Plantation

Working on:

  1. Test of Life Tower is built, has no bonus. Sigh.
  2. Test of Funerary Temple The colors I need are here but quantity of current tiles is low.
  3. Test of the Megalopolis
  4. Test of the Ritual Tattoo
  5. Test of the Darkest Night

I've also begun finally brewing beer and making wine. My first barrel of wine was sealed today. (Jan. 24. 2017) (Year IV - Shemu I-4)

Married to Basilius. He doesn't like the wiki. Or worship. That's okay.

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