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Hi All,

TimberNZ is from the wonderful country of NZ. If he is elected DP he will lobby to get a new land mass called NZ and a large ferry to travel there.

On a more serious note, I've taken some questions from the last DP round and answered them so you know something about me.

Q1. For those who have never had the opportunity to interact with you before can you share a little about yourself, what you enjoy about ATITD as well as how long you have been playing?
I have only been playing for 3-4 months. I stumbled across the game and it has taken 99% of my game time ever since.
I am an entrepreneur and have a range of work in IT, Tourism and do a reasonable amount of volunteer community work.

Q2. How you like T7 so far, is it better or worse than previous Tales. Which Tale was your favorite?
TimberNZ has never had the privilege of playing previous tales.

Q3. If the general consensus of the rest of the DPs were that that person should not be banned, but you felt strongly that they should, what would you do?
I think bans should be few and far between. If I did think a ban was warranted but after discussion but the general consensus was the person should not be banned, I would not execute a ban.

Q4. Many activities in Egypt are PvP oriented/ highly competitive. Recently some issues have been discussed in ET regarding Test of Retired Pirates. Please explain how you approach these sorts of tests and if as a player you use any method to improve your outcome like having alts/mules voting in other rounds to enhance your pass chance. Do you push/campaign your guilds to vote for you and or forming test/rounds alliances or salt rounds with players that have already passed.
I only play a single player. I've never asked for more than 111 doubloons. I don't expect to pass this particular test this tale and that's just fine with me.

Q5. How are you providing leadership in the game and amongst the player base?
Leadership style theory would probably say I operated most comfortably as a democratic leader. I like to work with people and inspire them rather than drive them. I'm humbled to be an elder in "The Point" and spend a reasonable percentage of my time doing things for the guild and/or guild players rather than just focusing on tests.

Q6. What specifically have you done to further the growth of the community?
I am a social player and enjoy the social, collaborative focus of the game. I'm always willing to give things I have to other players to help them and will often do donkey work like mining or forge work for others or a guild.

Q7. How do you feel about sometimes heavy use of macros in this game by many players? If there was a choice would you support a complete ban of macros in the Tale?
I use a Mac so don't use Automato. I agree with the current policy of allowing macros but not to be used to do anything faster than it would happen in game. I think a ban of them would result in a loss of players - particularly those who cannot be online as much.

Q8. Spouselog allows access to ban powers. Do you know who has access to your spouse account?
No one knows my password in game or in real life. I don't have an in-game spouse. I do have a wife and a small tribe in real life :-)

Q9. Please describe what you consider to be "griefing" in the Tale.
Doing things specifically to cause other players trouble.

Q10. Easy question... Ninja or Pirate?
Pie Rat

Q11. Who would you vote for if you weren't running this time?
I've voted for both other candidates. I would probably to slightly higher on Zhukuram than Mariamom but that is probably slightly biased because I have more in game to do with Zhukuram. I like both players and would be happy to see either of them as DP.

Q12. Closing statement.
The thing I like best about this game is the people who play it. I promise neither I or any of my backers will cause grief if I am not elected. Neither will I dispute the result ;-).

I realise that as a new player I don't have any real reason to ask you to give me your vote, but I do promise that if elected I will serve you well.

If you are still reading - I thank you very much for taking the time to do so :-).

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