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Compound Result
AfBtDmTd Explosive High, Standard Yield
AfBtKiSt Catalyst, Potash
AfBtKuOc Flower Fert Deep 500
AfBtTpPz Catalyst, Potash
AfBuFdSp Gem Fracture Diamond
AfBuFdSt Transmute Lead to Arsenic
AfBuGs Explosive High, Standard Yield
AfBuGsSp Travel Crystal Elixir
AfBuHrRv Flower Fert Deep 500
AfBuKeTp Flower Fert 100
AfBuQr Explosive Low, Superior Yield
AfBuTp Gem Fracture Quartz
AfBuTpGs Metal Sun Steel to Thoth's metal
AfCpBy Metal MetalBlue to Octec's Alloy
AfCpDmSp Gem Glue Diamond
AfCpDmTz Transmute Compost to Ant Food
AfCpHuGs Metal Lead to Gold (1)
AfCpHuKe Explosive Low, Low Yield
AfCpKeBu Catalyst, Potash
AfCpKeSp Explosive High, Low Yield
AfCpKu Flower Fert 500
AfCpKuOc Metal Lead to Gold (1)
AfCpOcBu Transmute Ash to Potash (2)
AfCpTpCy Gem Glue Emerald
AfEkBtDm Explosive High, Standard Yield
AfEkBtSp Flower Fert 500
AfEkCnRd Flower Fert 100
AfEkCpRd Flower Fert 100
AfEkKuBt Flower Fert Deep 500
AfEkNuTp Gem Glue Ruby
AfEkPz Explosive High, Superior Yield
AfEkPzTp Explosive Low, Superior Yield
AfEkSpNu Catalyst, Improved, Potash
AfEkSpTd Gem Fracture Diamond
AfEkSt Transmute Lead to Arsenic
AfGbHrRv Transmute Ash to Potash (1)
AfGbStHd Metal Water metal to MetalBlue
AfGsBu Metal Lead to Gold (1)
AfGsBuTp Explosive High, Standard Yield
AfGsHuCp Explosive Low, Low Yield
AfGsHy Flower Fert Deep 300
AfGsRvOv Catalyst, Improved, Salt
AfGsSp Transmute Ash to Potash (2)
AfGsStCn Metal Gold to Lead (1)
AfGsSy Explosive High, Standard Yield
AfGsSyLn Transmute Ash to Potash (1)
AfQrKi Catalyst, Potash
AfQrSy Travel Clear Elixir
AfSpBu Metal Thoth's metal to MetalBlue
AfSpBuKe Gem Glue Emerald
AfSpCn Transmute Compost to Ant Food
AfSpCnCi Gem Fracture Sapphire
AfSpCnGb Travel Diamond Elixir
AfSpCnGu Catalyst, Salt
AfSpEk Metal Lead to Gold (1)
AfSpEkCp Flower Fert Deep 500
AfSpGs Gem Fracture Diamond
AfSpHdGb Gem Glue Quartz
AfSpHdKu Flower Fert 100
AfSpKuKu Explosive Low, Low Yield
AfSpPzGb Gem Glue Opal
AfSpPzGs Gem Glue Topaz
AfSpSp Travel Crystal Elixir
AfSpTd Catalyst, Improved, Salt
AfSpTzBt Metal Water metal to MetalBlue
AfStBuHr Travel Crystal Elixir
AfStBuKe Gem Fracture Quartz
AfStCnCp Gem Fracture Sapphire
AfStCnEk Metal Lead to Gold (1)
AfStCnHp Metal Moon Steel to Water Metal
AfStGsCn Explosive High, Superior Yield
AfStGsPz Gem Glue Emerald
AfStHdNu Flower Fert 100
AfStKuEk Transmute Ash to Potash (2)
AfStNuTz Metal Thoth's metal to MetalBlue
AfStTd Explosive Low, Standard Yield
AfStTdNu Gem Fracture Opal
AfTdDmTd Gem Fracture Ruby
AfTdKeSy Gem Fracture Opal
AfTdOtSp Travel Clear Elixir
AfTdQr Metal Lead to Gold (1)
AfTpBtSp Travel Diamond Elixir
AfTpPz Flower Fert 300
AfTpPzDm Metal Sun Steel to Thoth's metal
BnBySy Metal Thoth's metal to MetalBlue
BnGsRd Explosive High, Low Yield
BnGsSy Explosive High, Superior Yield
BnIgIlCn Explosive Low, Superior Yield
BnOv Gem Glue Ruby
BnOvBy Travel Clear Elixir
BnOvIlRv Flower Fert 300
BnOvKePz Flower Fert 100
BnOvOtCn Explosive High, Superior Yield
BnOvPzPn Gem Glue Diamond
BnOvSy Gem Glue Emerald
BnPz Metal Lead to Gold (1)
BnPzCiSt Flower Fert 300
BnPzEkSy Explosive High, Low Yield
BnPzHuHr Gem Glue Diamond
BnPzHuOt Explosive Low, Low Yield
BnPzIgCi Gem Glue Ruby
BnPzIgOc Gem Fracture Sapphire
BnPzIgPn Gem Glue Sapphire
BnPzSpCy Gem Fracture Ruby
BnRdRv Travel Diamond Elixir
BnSyFd Explosive Low, Low Yield
BnSyPzGs Gem Fracture Emerald
BtCiFaTp Gem Glue Quartz
BtCiTpFa Travel Glass Elixir
BtCyFaTp Flower Fert 100
BtCySpOc Flower Fert Deep 500
BtCyStKu Gem Fracture Opal
BtDmDm Flower Fert Deep 500
BtDmFa Gem Glue Sapphire
BtEkDiHr Flower Fert 500
BtEkDiKe Flower Fert Deep 300
BtEkFdFa Gem Glue Opal
BtEkRd Travel Diamond Elixir
BtFaCiSt Gem Fracture Topaz
BtFaEkDi Gem Fracture Diamond
BtFaHpSp Gem Fracture Diamond
BtFaHrCn Gem Fracture Sapphire
BtFaHrDm Transmute Compost to Ant Food
BtFaHuIl Catalyst, Potash
BtFaKeHd Catalyst, Salt
BtFaKuHd Explosive Low, Low Yield
BtFaKuKi Explosive Low, Standard Yield
BtFaOcBu Metal Sun Steel to Thoth's metal
BtFaOcKe Travel Diamond Elixir
BtFyCySp Catalyst, Potash
BtFyFaSp Transmute Ash to Potash (1)
BtFyKeBu Catalyst, Salt
BtFyLn Flower Fert 500
BtFyLnPz Flower Fert 100
BtFyOcOt Transmute Lead to Arsenic
BtHdEkDi Gem Fracture Sapphire
BtHdSp Gem Fracture Emerald
BtHuFa Explosive Low, Low Yield
BtKuKu Explosive Low, Superior Yield
BtKuSt Flower Fert 300
BtSpFa Flower Fert Deep 100
BtSpOc Gem Glue Diamond
BtSt Explosive Low, Standard Yield
BuDmCn Gem Fracture Emerald
BuDmGs Flower Fert Deep 100
BuFaSp Explosive Low, Standard Yield
BuOcFd Flower Fert Deep 100
BuOcKu Metal Sun Steel to Thoth's metal
ByBy Gem Glue Diamond
ByByOv Flower Fert Deep 100
ByCpGs Flower Fert Deep 300
ByIgIb Metal Water metal to MetalBlue
ByIgIl Gem Glue Sapphire
ByIgOv Explosive Low, Low Yield
ByOv Gem Fracture Sapphire
ByOvLn Catalyst, Salt
BySyHr Catalyst, Salt
BySyQr Transmute Ant Food to Compost
BzFa Catalyst, Potash
BzLn Flower Fert 500
BzLnIb Gem Glue Quartz
BzLnIbRv Flower Fert Deep 100
BzLnLn Metal MetalBlue to Octec's Alloy
BzLnOt Metal Moon Steel to Water Metal
BzLnPz Transmute Ash to Potash (2)
BzOtSy Flower Fert Deep 500
BzSySy Travel Milky Elixir
CiCnDm Travel Glass Elixir
CiCnHu Metal Sun Steel to Thoth's metal
CnDmGs Metal Gold to Lead (1)
CnDmTp Transmute Compost to Ant Food
CnFdTzKu Gem Glue Quartz
CnFyEk Travel Crystal Elixir
CnFyHd Metal Moon Steel to Water Metal
CnGs Transmute Ash to Potash (2)
CnGsHd Explosive High, Standard Yield
CnGu Transmute Ant Food to Compost
CnGuHd Transmute Lead to Arsenic
CnHdFy Catalyst, Salt
CnHdKi Catalyst, Improved, Salt
CnHpDm Transmute Ash to Potash (1)
CnHpKi Flower Fert Deep 100
CnHrFy Gem Fracture Topaz
CnHrGu Gem Glue Topaz
CnIlKu Metal Moon Steel to Water Metal
CnKi Gem Fracture Sapphire
CnKiHr Gem Fracture Emerald
CnKiQr Travel Diamond Elixir
CnKuSt Gem Fracture Sapphire
CnPn Catalyst, Potash
CnSpGs Transmute Ash to Potash (2)
CnSpOt Gem Glue Emerald
CpDmGs Gem Glue Ruby
CpFaEk Catalyst, Improved, Potash
CpFaQr Transmute Ash to Potash (2)
CpGsSyOc Metal MetalBlue to Octec's Alloy
CpHu Gem Fracture Diamond
CpHuGs Travel Clear Elixir
CpKi Gem Fracture Topaz
CpKiFa Travel Crystal Elixir
CpKiFd Metal Water metal to MetalBlue
CpKuKe Metal Lead to Gold (1)
CpKuPn Gem Fracture Ruby
CpRdSp Transmute Compost to Ant Food
CpSpOc Gem Glue Diamond
CpSpPy Gem Fracture Opal
CpSt Explosive Low, Superior Yield
CyFyQr Explosive Low, Low Yield
CyHdSt Travel Milky Elixir
CyNuOt Gem Fracture Ruby
CyPzSp Explosive Low, Standard Yield
CyQrDi Metal Lead to Gold (1)
CyQrGu Gem Glue Sapphire
CyQrHd Explosive Low, Superior Yield
DeIg Gem Fracture Diamond
DeOv Catalyst, Improved, Potash
DeOvSp Catalyst, Potash
DiGuQr Gem Fracture Sapphire
DiRdGs Metal Gold to Lead (1)
DiSpGu Metal Thoth's metal to MetalBlue
DiTzPz Catalyst, Potash
DmGbTd Flower Fert Deep 100
DmHd Metal Lead to Gold (1)
DmKuEk Transmute Ant Food to Compost
DmNu Gem Fracture Ruby
DmNuPn Transmute Ash to Potash (1)
DmNuTp Gem Fracture Emerald
DmStPz Metal Gold to Lead (1)
DmTzTd Transmute Ant Food to Compost
EkFa Travel Diamond Elixir
EkFaKu Gem Fracture Quartz
EkHpHd Gem Fracture Sapphire
EkNu Transmute Ash to Potash (1)
EkNuOtRv Catalyst, Improved, Salt
EkOcKu Gem Fracture Ruby
EkOcNu Metal Moon Steel to Water Metal
FaGsSy Catalyst, Improved, Salt
FaGsSyHr Metal MetalBlue to Octec's Alloy
FaKeGs Catalyst, Salt
FaKeOv Gem Glue Opal
FaSt Explosive Low, Standard Yield
FaSy Flower Fert 300
FdHyKe Metal MetalBlue to Octec's Alloy
FdSpKi Catalyst, Potash
FdSpPz Travel Glass Elixir
FdStGu Gem Glue Sapphire
FdStHy Flower Fert 500
FdSyPn Flower Fert Deep 100
FdSyTp Travel Diamond Elixir
FyHdLn Travel Crystal Elixir
FyOtKi Metal Thoth's metal to MetalBlue
FyPzOt Gem Fracture Diamond
GbKe Flower Fert Deep 300
GbKeOc Metal Thoth's metal to MetalBlue
GbKeOv Gem Glue Emerald
GbOcHr Metal MetalBlue to Octec's Alloy
GbRdHr Explosive High, Low Yield
GsGuRv Travel Diamond Elixir
GsRdRv Travel Glass Elixir
GsRvRv Transmute Ash to Potash (1)
GsSy Flower Fert Deep 100
GuHu Catalyst, Improved, Potash
GuQrSy Explosive Low, Low Yield
GuRv Metal Gold to Lead (1)
HdHu Gem Fracture Quartz
HdKiPz Gem Fracture Diamond
HdPzHp Catalyst, Improved, Potash
HdPzHu Travel Glass Elixir
HrHuKu Gem Fracture Ruby
HrKi Gem Glue Emerald
HrRvIg Gem Fracture Sapphire
HuKePz Gem Glue Quartz
HuPzOt Flower Fert Deep 300
HuPzTz Metal Water metal to MetalBlue
HuQrSy Explosive Low, Low Yield
HyKe Gem Glue Topaz
IbKiIg Explosive High, Standard Yield
IbPyQr Metal Gold to Lead (1)
IgIlPz Explosive High, Standard Yield
IgKiPz Gem Glue Sapphire
IgOtRv Gem Fracture Ruby
IgPnKu Gem Fracture Quartz
IgRvIl Travel Milky Elixir
IlKiNu Gem Glue Diamond
IlOvKi Travel Crystal Elixir
KeKiPz Gem Fracture Sapphire
KeKuKi Gem Fracture Quartz
KePy Gem Fracture Emerald
KeRvKu Catalyst, Potash
KuNuLn Flower Fert Deep 100
KuNuOc Flower Fert Deep 300
KuSpPy Explosive Low, Standard Yield
LnOv Gem Fracture Sapphire
LnOvSy Metal Moon Steel to Water Metal
LnPzOc Catalyst, Potash
LnPzPn Gem Fracture Ruby
LnSy Metal Gold to Lead (1)
NuSt Travel Crystal Elixir
OcTz Explosive Low, Low Yield
OvRdRv Metal Gold to Lead (1)
PnPz Gem Glue Sapphire
PnPzTp Travel Milky Elixir
PzSp Gem Glue Quartz
RdRv Metal Lead to Gold (1)
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