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Events/Stranger wants cuttables (September 12, 2015)

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The following played out on the System channel on the evening of Saturday 12 September 2015 (middle of the night Sunday 13 September 2015 for those in Europe and beyond) with no pre-notification of this event in the Calendar.

  • I see the Pharaoh has begun again...
  • Are you blind to his hypocrisy? Do you not see how his universities exist only to fill his pockets with the fruits of our labor?
  • Fools! He would extort the very sweat from your brow if it improved his life.
  • Your ancestors knew me as the Stranger. In their time, the Pharaoh invited me. This time, I came without permission or request.
  • Ages ago, I was thought dead. Cretins! The lore of your ancestors is as dull as your senses.
  • I suppose I could expect nothing less from the impudent peasants of the past. But you should have known better.
  • You cannot escape me, I am as immortal as the sands of this land.
  • In history, I took pity on your ancestors and offered a pittance of tests. 49 challenges to prove their worth.
  • Today, as I gaze upon your petty attempts to rebuild I have decided that 49 is not enough. This time, you will be tested with many more. Prepare yourselves, peasants.
  • First, a proof of my power.
  • <The Stranger snaps his finger>
  • Prove to me that you are WORTHY to be tested.
  • Show me that you are a society without discord. Gather together and collect a total of 1777 cuttable stones, drawn from the land that you claim to respect.
  • Your time is short, I will return in 3 hours.
  • My plebs will be available prior to my arrival. Give your contributions to them at the broken chariot stops in Old Egypt, Midland Valley, River Plains, Seven Lakes and Southern Egypt.
  • Do not fail me.

(3 hour pause)

  • My Plebs have informed me that you done as I have requested.
  • It has always been the belief that I do not trust in unity and that I prefer the solace of one. We shall see if you can sway me.
  • History has shown that the lazy will hide amongst the dunes and rest on the backs of others. Prove history wrong. Take heed of this, Southern Egypt and Midland Valley, your folly may be you undoing
  • You will hear from me again.

Following this event, the players who handed the 1777 cuttable stones were awarded the title "Pleb's Assistant" (Augir for Seven Lakes, Tammie for River Plains, ??? for Old Egypt, Feyth for South Egypt?)