Test of the Alchemist's Rune


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The Test of Alchemist's Rune was demonstrated on Akhet III-20 by Eugenius.

Build Cost

  • 700 Boards for Moveable Frame
  • 2 Hile's Chevrons cut Turquoise for Bearings
  • 25 Iron Bars for the Base
  • 5 Iron Straps for Frame Reinforcement
  • 100 Linen for Backdrop
  • 100 Slate for the Writing Surface
  • 25 Mandibular Glue for attaching the Slate
  • 100 Metalblue Wire for Countertensioner
  • 343 Nails for the Frame
  • 100 Orange Paint for Tray

Solving the Rune

Alchemist Rune
In the picture, two down boxes and 1 across is blank (no numbers). This indicates that no colored runes are located in the columns/rows.
Next item of note is the color of the numbers. One the box labeled "Across" 4 of the numbers are green and 5 of the numbers are orange.
The numbers represent the number of consecutive runes of that color. The same applies to the box labeled "Down".
The trick is to match the number of colored runes in the correct sequence both across and down.
So for a hint, a green 6 means somewhere on that row/column is 6 consecutive green runes.
Happy Solving.
If you cannot not see the down or across box, click on the frame and select "Show Rules" to activate the boxes.

Start Out

Main Interface
This is the interface players will if a player attempt to solve his/her own Rune. Solving other players Rune will be the same except the "Return to Design Mode" will be missing.
All of the option are self explaining.

Changing Rune Colors

Color Selection
When designing/solving the rune, selecting any color will change the color of the ruin.
Clicking anywhere in the design/solving surface will place a rune of selected color into the box.

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