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Self -> Special -> Show Details of my Level as of: 12/09/2017
Levels are award for the following:
1 for Citizenship
1 for each of the seven principles of the disciplines
1 for each test principle
1 for each title change (Student of ... though Oracle of ...) - This does not mean one level per test pass.
1 for each extra Oracleship you receive

Dalia, Level 32 Scribe of Harmony

   Principle: Acrobat
   Principle: Architecture
   Principle: Art & Music
   Principle: Balance of Goods
   Principle: Bedouin
   Principle: The Human Body
   Principle: Critic
   Principle: Darkest Night
   Principle: Demipharaoh
   Principle: Freeman
   Principle: Funerary Temple
   Principle: Harmony
   Principle: Kingmaker
   Principle: Leadership
   Principle: Marriage
   Principle: Obelisk
   Principle: Oyster Catcher
   Principle: Patronage
   Principle: Plantation
   Principle: Prophet
   Principle: Raeli Mosaic
   Principle: Retired Pirates
   Principle: Souls
   Principle: Thought
   Principle: Towers
   Principle: Promotion
   Principle: Worship
   Bonus of 4 for reaching Scribe of a Discipline


  • Citizen - for those who have not passed any tests
  • Initiate - for those that have passed the introductory principles of the field
  • Student - For those who have passed one or more tests in the field
  • Prentice - For those who have passed two or more tests in the field
  • Journeyman - For those who have passed three or more tests in the field
  • Scribe - For those who have passed four or more tests in the field
  • Master - For those who have passed five or more tests in the field
  • Sage - For those who have passed six or more tests in the field
  • Oracle - For those who have passed seven or more tests in the field

A player who has passed in multiple fields can elect to be known as a number related to the number of fields done.

A player can elect which title is shown by selecting Self > Special > Title.

Test Completion Matrix!

Normal = Tab Obtained
Italics = Principles complete
CAPS/Bold/Italics = Actively working
Bold = Complete

Discipline Initiate Student Prentice Journeyman Scribe Master Sage Oracle
Architecture Passed Obelisk Towers Funerary Temple People's Pyramid - - - -
Art & Music Passed RAELI MOSAIC Khefre's Children - - - - - -
Body Passed Bedouin Acrobat Darkest Night Oyster Catcher Archaeologist - - -
Harmony Passed Balance of Goods Freeman Prophet Promotion Critic Souls Marriage Chains
Leadership Passed Plantation Demipharaoh Kingmaker Retired Pirates Patronage - - -
Thought Passed - - - - - - - -
Worship Passed - - - - - - - -

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