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Present at least 4 complete Mortars to Great University of the Human Body at River Plains 733 2701:

   First Mortar Option:
       Fresh Crimson Windleaf, 6 Phoenix Palm Resin, Powdered Sapphire
       No more than 100 feet above sea level, On Dirt
   Second Mortar Option:
       Fresh Lavender Scented Thyme, 4 Spiked Fishtree Resin, Powdered Sapphire
       On Rock, Near a Papyrus Plant
   Third Mortar Option:
       Fresh Fool's Agar, 6 Broadleaf Palm Resin, Powdered Diamond
       Near a Papyrus Plant, Between 500 and 600 feet above sea level
   Fourth Mortar Option:
       Fresh Garcinia, 1 Arconis Resin, Powdered Sapphire
       Near an Altar, On Clay
   Fifth Mortar Option:
       Fresh Cicada Bean, 2 Fern Palm Resin, Powdered Opal
       Near Sulfurous Water, At least 600 feet above sea level
   Sixth Mortar Option:
       Fresh Mandrake Root, 1 Oil Palm Resin, Powdered Opal
       Near a Road, On Grass
   Seventh Mortar Option:
       Fresh Weeping Patala, 3 Savaka Resin, Powdered Diamond
       On Dirt, Far from any Flora

Pari's Darkest Night

Scorpions Brood 0
Earth Light 0
Razors Edge 7
Beehive 7
Golden Sun 7
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