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This test suggestion emphasises the "Music" part of the discipline Art & Music. The player will need to make a music box that plays a tune that the university or school asks for.


Test Description

Confucious says, "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without". The educators of Egypt cannot do without their own personal music in a music box, and so you are tasked with meeting the requirements of an educator, and make them a music box that meets their personal musical taste. Appease seven educators to pass the test.

Basic Premise

  • Every school and university of Art and Music will provide a player with what music that they want their music box to play.
  • The first piece of music will be made up of 3 pieces of Chimes. The second will be 6 pieces of chimes. The third 9, and so on up to 21 pieces for the seventh list.
  • The scholar at the school/university will play the music they want (whether this uses the same audio as chimes, or a variation such as a person humming, will be up to the developer)
  • The player will need to make a music box that plays the requested music, and turn it back into the same school/university
  • Each school/university will give the player a different piece of music
  • When a player successfully turns in a music box, all schools/universities will give a new piece of music that they require.
  • The player will need to work out which chimes need to be stringed together to make the same piece of music
  • The player then needs to make a music box that plays that piece of music.
  • On submitting a music box, the scholar will listen to the music, and report that they love it (success) or why they didn't like it (failure).

Passing the Test

  • To pass the test, the player needs to have successfully made and presented 7 music boxes.
  • This is NOT a vote by other players (so this will be the first Art & Music test that does not need peer review)

Music Box

Material Additions

  • A carpentry shop will make a Box from 24 board (may need to be renamed, since there is a building called box?)
  • A casting box with Fine Casting will make 4 screws from 1 iron and 4 wax in 2 minutes
  • A casting box will make a Winding Key from 10 brass and 10 wax in 5 minutes
  • A casting box will make a hole punch from 10 iron and 10 wax in 10 minutes
  • A forge will make a Brass rod from 1 brass in 10 minutes
  • A forge will make a weighted stopper from 1 bronze in 1 minute
  • A carpentry shop will make an Untuned Music Box from 1 box, 8 screws, 1 winding key, 1 brass rod, 1 weighted stopper
  • A paper press can make a complex item, Music Score, from wood paper. Player will have to indicate length of score (from 3 to 21), and will need 6 wood paper for each unit of length.
  • The Music Score will be named after the player followed by a sequential number, for example Music Score: Silden #1
  • An accoustic lab can be fitted with a hole punch
  • An accoustic lab with hole punch can take a music score, and can add notes to it up to the length of the score
  • An accoustic lab will have a menu entry, add music to score. On selecting, player will need to indicate the Music Score, then the note to be applied. The music is appended to the end of the Music Score providing there is still room.
  • A carpentry shop will take an Untuned Music Box and a Music Score, and produce a complex item, Musical Box. This will be named after the player followed by a sequential number, for example Musical Box: Silden #1

Examine Music Box

  • Self > Examine > Musical Box will say:
    • Musical Box created by PlayerName contains the following Musical Score:
    • (output as per Musical Score below)
  • Self > Examine > Music Score will say:
    • This 9-piece Musical Score has the following pieces:
    • Diving Albatros
    • Diving Albatros
    • Floating Buzzard
    • Diving Albatros
    • Gliding Gull
    • Hovering Hummingbird
    • Soaring Pheasant
    • Soaring Puffin
    • Soaring Puffin
    • (there is no room for any more music on the musical score)
  • The failure report when tendering a music box will say which note(s) failed their expectation:
    • <One piece wrong> "That was an excellent 21-piece of music, but at piece 8 it went wrong."
    • <Two or more pieces, with at least one piece right> "That was an okay 9-piece of music, but I was expecting something different around pieces 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8."
    • <None of the pieces match> "I don't know what you've presented here, but it doesn't resemble what I asked for at all!"
    • <Not the required length> "I wanted a 12-piece music, but this only has 11-pieces."

Other game changes

  • Chimes are currently released with Test of the Windsong, a new release mechanism for chimes will be required
  • Should the 100th chime Floating Waxwing be included in the game or not? (Currently cannot be made)

What the Developers Say


  • as long as the sound does not require precise syncronization to be heard the same between people then it is possible. (Which means that I also cant guarantee that audio sounds are played at specific times in relation to each other...)
  • Ok, so while you may have the ability to play the music box, it wont actually be used for the juding... That would be possible to code... IE - it would actually be judged by the contents by the uni and by what others would hear and NOT by other players
  • The good news is... It wont be me coding them (likely) So take any of my comments in that vain. I can at least tell you if it can be done with the way the engine works.
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