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  • I've never heard of more than 7 tests in a discipline in a Tale. If Leavened Bread is not listed at the UWorship, that probably means it isn't being offered in T7. (There have been other tests over the years that are not in T7 either.) (unsigned by Shebi)
Response posted at User_talk:Shebi, simply put there are 8 tests in Worship at this time. Silden 18:17, 5 October 2015 (EST)
I did check the history. I built at 10. You were in fact in que for a 14. There you are correct, but you did jump, as did I, and built an 11. At this point the wiki still listed you at a 14 (though with bumps you would have been bumped to a 16 or so). I then built a 26 over your 11, but you then built a 27. It was then at this point that someone overbuilt you with a 75, thus ending the spiral. I did check. And recheck. And other people have messaged me in game about it. Feel free to correct me if your history shows different than mine. (unsigned by Odis)
Response posted at User_talk:Odis Silden 04:45, 12 October 2015 (EST)
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