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  Test of the  
  • Practice your Move
  • Practice your move with another acrobat
  • Watch another Acrobat practice
  • Learn a Facet from another Acrobat
  • Learn the 2nd facet of any move
  • Teach a Facet to another Acrobat
  • Teach seven facets


University Text

"After careful instruction, you master (an acrobatics move). Instruct students in total solitude - for best concentration, nobody else should be around."


The Test of the Acrobat is the first test available in the discipline of Body. You must be level 3 to begin it.

Each of the 28 acrobatic moves has 7 facets which must be learned in order to master the move. Your Tests menu will allow you to track your progress in various moves as well as perform the moves.

Passing the Principle

When you start the Test of the Acrobat, you will be taught four acrobatic moves.

Acrobats may attempt to teach each other by standing near each other and performing their moves. If other people stand too close to the acrobats (within about 5 coords), they will be unable to learn from each other. You must have performed an acro move in the last 3 minutes in order to be able to learn (teacher gets a "student isn't paying attention" message otherwise, and this does mean the first move in a session is useless).

Teaching and Learning Facets

When a teacher performs a move before a student, the chance that the student will learn a facet is determined as follows (checked in order):

  1. There is a 50% chance that the student will not follow the move on any given attempt, regardless of other factors.
  2. There is a fixed chance that this teacher can teach this move to this student, based on how good the teacher is for this student. This chance does not vary with repeated attempts at teaching--either the teacher can teach this move, or he cannot. The chances are:
    1. Perfect master - 100% - (see comments below if this seems weird to you)
    2. Great teacher - 50% (1 in 2 chance)
    3. Pretty good teacher - 25% (1 in 4 chance)
    4. Last resort - 6.25% (1 in 16 chance)
    5. Blur - 1.5625% (1 in 64 chance) There is some debate whether the percentages for complete blur and last resort are switched, but the above percentages are what Teppy said they were.
  3. If the student can learn multiple facets, subsequent facets will be available only if the previous ones were.
  4. If the above checks succeed, the student will learn a facet if one he doesn't already know is available to be taught by this teacher. The facets available are based on the combination of student, teacher, and move- and will not change with successive attempts at teaching. For each facet per move a given student can potentially learn as above, one of the seven facets of the move is chosen randomly (with replacement - the same facet may have been chosen more than once)
    1. If one or more of the chosen facets are not already known to the student, the student learns one.
    2. If the student already knows all the available facets, then he cannot learn any additional facets from this teacher, and teacher and student receive a message "follows the move". This message means that it's impossible to learn more of this move from this teacher, unless after seeing this message the student teaches a 14th or 980th facet and gains the ability to learn an additional facet per teacher.

NOTE: The number of facets of each move that a student may learn from a given teacher is based on the total number of facets that the student has taught to other acrobats.

  • A student who has taught less than 14 facets can learn at most one facet per move per teacher.
  • A student who has taught 14 or more and less than 980 facets can learn at most two facets per move per teacher.
  • A student who has taught 980 or more facets can learn at most three facets per move per teacher.

Passing the Test

After mastering all 28 moves, the acrobat passes the test.

When you pass the test you will get a new option on your emote menu: Demonstrate Masterful Dexterity.

See Test Pass History

Here is the list of those who passed at the beginning of the Tale. http://julianatdeltona.com/atitd/PassedTests.aspx


As you master new moves, you gain permanent increases to your Dexterity.

Moves learned 4 5 6 8 10 15 21 28
Permanent Dexterity 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The more dexterity you have, the more bulk you can carry and the faster you can run off-road.
7 Dexterity makes your off-road travel speed equal to an on-road travel at speed 0.


  • The message "Although you don't pick up anything new, you do follow the move: ABC" means that this teacher has already taught you move ABC as many times as you can currently learn from that person.
  • Acronyms such as "AI" for "Asian Influence" are almost always used for acro moves - see the table below for the standard names.
  • A player's Info box now contains a list of all acro moves, and how many facets are known. The colour changes, and the move becomes a clickable box once learnt. To access this, click the Acro tab at the top of the Information Box. If there is no Acro box, the player has not yet started the Test of the Acrobat

Common Acronyms

Move Acronym       Move Acronym
Asian Influence AI Lunge LU
Broad Jump BJ Pinwheel PW
Cartwheels CW Push-Ups PU
Cat Stretch CS Rear Squat RS
Clapping Push-ups CPU Roundoff RO
Crunches CR Run in Place RIP
Front Tuck FT Side Bends SB
Handplant HP Somersault SS
Handstand HS Spin Flip SF
Inverted Push-ups IP Squat Thrust ST
Jump Split JS Squats SQ
Jumping Jacks JJ Toe Touches TT
Kick-Up KU Wide Squat WS
Leg Stretch LS Windmill WM

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