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From A Tale in the Desert
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For orders of in stock tiles (listed in warehouses at bottom of page):

Common tiles: 2 tiles: 1 in wood or flax of any kind, 1 clay or mix of either.

Uncommon tiles: 2 tile to 3 clay bricks or pappy.

Rare tiles: 2 tile to 5 clay bricks or pappy.

Any color tile in stock: 1k tiles for 1 serpentine marble

Any color tiles in stock: 500 tiles for 40 glue


Buying Item Points
Wood 1
Charcoal 2
Lime 40
Ash 40
Clay bricks 3
Flax 1
Pappy 4
Serpentine Marble 840

Colors We Can NOT Produce (Buying)

  • Aqua
  • Blue
  • Cadet Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Goldenrod
  • Green Yellow
  • Light Salmon
  • Moccasin
  • Navy
  • Olive
  • Orange Red

Tile Prices

Tile Class Points
Common 3
Uncommon 20
Rare 30

Tiles Available

Color Name Class
Alice Blue Common
Antique White Uncommon
Aqua Buying
Aquamarine Rare
Azure Rare
Beige Uncommon
Bisque Uncommon
Black Common
Blanched Almond Rare
Blue Buying
Blue Violet Rare
Brown Uncommon
Burly Wood Uncommon
Cadet Blue Buying
Chartreuse Buying
Chocolate Uncommon
Coral Rare
Cornflower Blue Uncommon
Cornsilk Buying
Crimson Uncommon
Cyan Buying
Dark Blue Buying
Dark Cyan Uncommon
Dark Goldenrod Rare
Dark Gray Uncommon
Dark Green Uncommon
Dark Khaki Common
Dark Magenta Uncommon
Dark Olive Green Common
Dark Orange Buying
Dark Orchid Uncommon
Dark Red Rare
Dark Salmon Uncommon
Dark Sea Green Uncommon
Dark Slate Blue Common
Dark Slate Gray Common
Dark Turquoise Uncommon
Dark Violet Rare
Deep Pink Buying
Deep Sky Blue Rare
Dim Gray Uncommon
Dodger Blue Uncommon
Feldspar Uncommon
Fire Brick Uncommon
Floral White Common
Forest Green Rare
Fuchsia Buying
Gainsboro Common
Ghost White Common
Gold Buying
Goldenrod Buying
Gray Uncommon
Green Buying
Green Yellow Buying
Honey Dew Uncommon
Hot Pink Rare
Indian Red Uncommon
Indigo Uncommon
Ivory Buying
Khaki Uncommon
Lavender Common
Lavender Blush Common
Lawn Green Buying
Lemon Chiffon Buying
Light Blue Common
Light Coral Rare
Light Cyan Uncommon
Light Goldenrod Rare
Light Green Rare
Light Grey Common
Light Pink Common
Light Salmon Buying
Light Sea Green Rare
Light Sky Blue Uncommon
Light Slate Blue Rare
Light Slate Gray Uncommon
Light Steel Blue Uncommon
Light Yellow Buying
Lime Buying
Lime Green Rare
Linen Common
Magenta Buying
Maroon Uncommon
Medium Aqua Marine Rare
Medium Blue Rare
Medium Orchid Uncommon
Medium Purple Uncommon
Medium Sea Green Rare
Medium Slate Blue Rare
Medium Spring Green Rare
Medium Turquoise Uncommon
Medium Violet Red Uncommon
Midnight Blue Common
Mint Cream Common
Misty Rose Common
Moccasin Buying
Navajo White Buying
Navy Buying
Old Lace Rare
Olive Buying
Olive Drab Common
Orange Buying
Orange Red Buying
Orchid Common
Pale Goldenrod Uncommon
Pale Green Rare
Pale Turquoise Uncommon
Pale Violet Red Uncommon
Papaya Whip Buying
Peach Puff Rare
Peru Uncommon
Pink Common
Plum Common
Powder Blue Common
Purple Uncommon
Red Buying
Rosy Brown Common
Royal Blue Uncommon
Saddle Brown Common
Salmon Rare
Sandy Brown Rare
Sea Green Rare
Sea Shell Common
Sienna Common
Silver Common
Sky Blue Common
Slate Blue Uncommon
Slate Gray Rare
Snow Common
Spring Green Buying
Steel Blue Rare
Tan Common
Teal Uncommon
Thistle Common
Tomato Rare
Turquoise Uncommon
Violet Rare
Violet Red Rare
Wheat Rare
White Common
White Smoke Common
Yellow Buying
Yellow Green Common

Warehouses updated Jan 14

Warehouse 1

Largewarehouse owned by Nile River Guild at egypt 894 -5893

 5747 Raeli Tiles:Alice Blue
 5560 Raeli Tiles:Antique White
 2348 Raeli Tiles:Aquamarine
 3591 Raeli Tiles:Azure
  782 Raeli Tiles:Beige
  209 Raeli Tiles:Bisque
 1727 Raeli Tiles:Black
  380 Raeli Tiles:Blanched Almond
 4102 Raeli Tiles:Blue Violet
 9383 Raeli Tiles:Brown
   66 Raeli Tiles:Burly Wood
   63 Raeli Tiles:Chocolate
  257 Raeli Tiles:Coral
 6103 Raeli Tiles:Cornflower Blue
 4045 Raeli Tiles:Crimson
 3544 Raeli Tiles:Dark Cyan
 1534 Raeli Tiles:Dark Golden Rod
14408 Raeli Tiles:Dark Gray
 5204 Raeli Tiles:Dark Green

Warehouse 2

Largewarehouse owned by Nile River Guild at egypt 894 -5892

  113 Raeli Tiles:Dark Khaki
 2379 Raeli Tiles:Dark Magenta
 1936 Raeli Tiles:Dark Olive Green
 5875 Raeli Tiles:Dark Orchid
 1439 Raeli Tiles:Dark Red
 5607 Raeli Tiles:Dark Salmon
 2441 Raeli Tiles:Dark Sea Green
23204 Raeli Tiles:Dark Slate Blue
 2737 Raeli Tiles:Dark Slate Gray
  615 Raeli Tiles:Dark Turquoise
 1008 Raeli Tiles:Dark Violet
 2210 Raeli Tiles:Deep Sky Blue
 2147 Raeli Tiles:Dim Gray
 1136 Raeli Tiles:Feldspar
 1933 Raeli Tiles:Fire Brick
  914 Raeli Tiles:Floral White
 1505 Raeli Tiles:Forest Green
 8583 Raeli Tiles:Gainsboro
 4351 Raeli Tiles:Ghost White
 2000 Raeli Tiles:Gray
  182 Raeli Tiles:Honey Dew
 4008 Raeli Tiles:Hot Pink

Warehouse 3

Largewarehouse owned by Nile River Guild at egypt 895 -5892

 7158 Raeli Tiles:Indian Red
 8302 Raeli Tiles:Indigo
 7987 Raeli Tiles:Lavender
 3819 Raeli Tiles:Lavender Blush
 4090 Raeli Tiles:Light Blue
  436 Raeli Tiles:Light Coral
  140 Raeli Tiles:Light Cyan
   86 Raeli Tiles:Light Golden Rod Yellow
 3891 Raeli Tiles:Light Green
 4049 Raeli Tiles:Light Grey
13297 Raeli Tiles:Light Pink
 1116 Raeli Tiles:Light Sea Green
 2325 Raeli Tiles:Light Sky Blue
 3986 Raeli Tiles:Light Slate Blue
 2997 Raeli Tiles:Light Slate Gray
 4209 Raeli Tiles:Light Steel Blue
 1434 Raeli Tiles:Lime Green
 4561 Raeli Tiles:Linen
 4854 Raeli Tiles:Maroon
 1608 Raeli Tiles:Medium Aqua Marine

Warehouse 4

Largewarehouse owned by Nile River Guild at egypt 895 -5892

 7391 Raeli Tiles:Medium Blue
 2841 Raeli Tiles:Medium Orchid
 1119 Raeli Tiles:Medium Purple
  755 Raeli Tiles:Medium Sea Green
 2404 Raeli Tiles:Medium Slate Blue
 2652 Raeli Tiles:Medium Spring Green
 1738 Raeli Tiles:Medium Turquoise
 3579 Raeli Tiles:Medium Violet Red
 6099 Raeli Tiles:Midnight Blue
 4348 Raeli Tiles:Mint Cream
 1638 Raeli Tiles:Misty Rose
  384 Raeli Tiles:Olive Drab
 1582 Raeli Tiles:Orchid
 2625 Raeli Tiles:Pale Golden Rod
  414 Raeli Tiles:Pale Green
 5548 Raeli Tiles:Pale Turquoise
 5750 Raeli Tiles:Pale Violet Red
 1325 Raeli Tiles:Peach Puff
 1568 Raeli Tiles:Peru
 1209 Raeli Tiles:Pink
  369 Raeli Tiles:Plum
 2245 Raeli Tiles:Powder Blue
 2187 Raeli Tiles:Purple
16046 Raeli Tiles:Rosy Brown

Warehouse 5

Largewarehouse owned by Nile River Guild at egypt 894 -5891

 2318 Raeli Tiles:Royal Blue
10246 Raeli Tiles:Saddle Brown
   56 Raeli Tiles:Salmon
  300 Raeli Tiles:Sandy Brown
 1164 Raeli Tiles:Sea Green
  923 Raeli Tiles:Sea Shell
 2641 Raeli Tiles:Sienna
 7250 Raeli Tiles:Silver
 2503 Raeli Tiles:Sky Blue
  228 Raeli Tiles:Slate Blue
 2247 Raeli Tiles:Snow
 1832 Raeli Tiles:Steel Blue
 8192 Raeli Tiles:Tan
 3785 Raeli Tiles:Thistle
 1756 Raeli Tiles:Tomato
 2539 Raeli Tiles:Turquoise

Warehouse 6

Largewarehouse owned by Nile River Guild at egypt 895 -5891

 2976 Raeli Tiles:Violet
 1228 Raeli Tiles:Violet Red
 5831 Raeli Tiles:Wheat
  375 Raeli Tiles:White
 9901 Raeli Tiles:White Smoke
 4169 Raeli Tiles:Yellow Green

Warehouse 7


Warehouse 8


Warehouse 9