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Game Guides

New Player




Please begin with Genetics for Dummies which has a learning guide sequence


Foraging & Cooking






Wiki Guides



Region Finder: Enter X,Y coordinates and it will tell you what region it is located (will also give you a copy/paste version of results to create your own Google Map code for wiki)
Clickable Region/Chariot Map: Region map you can click on and it will tell you the travel times to all connecting routes
Brick Calculator: Enter # of Straw you have or # of Bricks you desire and it will tell you what you need and how much it will produce.

IE8 Downloading Errors

When using Windows IE8 there may be "errors" reported when you try to download a zip file from the wiki. Files like etc may not download correctly and when you try to open them you will get an "invalid file" error. There is actually nothing wrong with the zip file on the wiki itself. What may be happening is that the IE8 browser is not allowing .gzip encoded files to be downloaded correctly.

To change this option in IE8 do the following:

  1. Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > HTTP 1.1 Settings:
  2. Uncheck the boxes labeled "Use HTTP 1.1" and "Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections".

You may need to close all browser windows after changing this setting. You may also want to change it back afterwards.