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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Link to Bastet Shard Tests

Tests are challenges to the citizens of Egypt. The objective of A Tale in the Desert is to build the ideal civilization by perfecting the Seven Disciplines of Man, with each discipline containing seven tests.

In order to attempt any of the tests in a discipline, you must first pass the initiation into that discipline. While the tests are often very difficult — many tests cannot, by design, be passed by more than a small percentage of players — the initiations are achievable by any dedicated player and are designed to give a flavor of the discipline.

  • Before starting a test or initiation, you must visit the appropriate university to apply. Initiation tests can also be applied for at schools.
  • Tests have level restrictions.
  • Tests have principles, which are easier than (and designed to be a sample of) the full test, and grant a level on completion.
  • Completing a Test will give you a level and may a new title, and you may get a reward of some kind (ability to make a new building, extra waypoints, improved stats, etc).

As part of the challenge of the Seven Disciplines of Man, we must write a test for each discipline for our grandchildren in years to come.

Tests by Discipline

  Discipline of  
Lvl Test
1 Principles of Architecture
3 Test of the Obelisk
7 Test of the Funerary Temple
10 Test of the Library
11 Test of Towers
17 Test of Life
23 Test of Octec's Ghost
25 Test of Seven Phoenix
Architecture Rewards
  Discipline of  
Art and Music
Lvl Test
2 Principles of Art and Music
6 Test of Khefre's Children
9 Test of the Raeli Mosaic
11 Test of Pyrotechnics
15 Test of the Formal Garden
16 Test of Flight
18 Test of Dancing Waters
24 Test of the Orchestra
Art and Music Rewards
  Discipline of  
Lvl Test
1 Principles of Body
4 Test of the Acrobat
8 Test of the Singing Cicada
12 Test of the Safari
15 Test of the Darkest Night
17 Test of the Ritual Tattoo
19 Test of the Oyster Catcher
21 Test of the Banquet
Body Rewards
  Discipline of  
Lvl Test
1 Principles of Harmony
5 Test of the Prophet
7 Test of Marriage
7 Test of Chains
10 Test of Reason
13 Test of the Critic
14 Test of the Freeman
22 Balance of Goods
Harmony Rewards
  Discipline of  
Lvl Test
3 Principles of Leadership
3 Test of the Kingmaker
8 Test of Mentorship
13 Test of Retired Pirates
15 Test of the Plantation
18 Test of the Covered Cartouche
21 Test of the Coalition
23 Test of the Bureaucrat
Leadership Rewards
  Discipline of  
Lvl Test
3 Principles of Thought
6 Test of the Pathmaker
12 Test of the Venery
16 Test of the Bijou
20 Test of the Hexaglyphs
20 Test of the Constellation
22 Pulse of the People
25 Riddle of the Sphinx
Thought Rewards
  Discipline of  
Lvl Test
2 Principles of Worship
5 Test of the Vigil
9 Path of the Pilgrim
14 Test of Festivals
17 Test of Beacons
19 Test of Leavened Bread
20 Remembrance Ceremonies
24 Test of the Humble Priests
Worship Rewards

Worship Guilds

  • Worship World - We will strive to help you with all of your worship needs. Stop on by, the Worship World guild is located directly East from Meroe CS at 1055, -3683. We are hosting our next VIGIL on Friday, August 7, 2009 continuing all weekend. Please join us for this next successful Vigil.
  • Venerate is a European time zone worship guild open to anyone interested in working on passing worship tests who is online at some Euro times (doesn't matter for vigil). Our Guild Hall is located close to the chariot stop in Adn at 1045, 6973.

T4 Monuments

Test Pass History

The tests on the Test Pass History page are the ones in which there are points given towards passing. Most of these are awarded at Sunday passes with the exception of Test of the Bureaucrat and Test of the Coalition. Test of the Singing Cicada is not included on this page because its pass history (Who Got Speed) is recorded elsewhere.